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Mid Century Fixer in Madison South

By Bobby Curtis, April 19, 2018

As real estate agents, we know our neighborhoods, but once in a while we discover one newly. I found this great mid century ranch in the Madison South neighborhood. This house has this very unique great room with vaulted ceilings. You certainly wouldn’t guess that from looking at the house from the curb.  Madison South is a great little neighborhood just up the road from Roseway and in the valley of Rocky Butte.

The neighborhood is quiet, with little traffic, and everyone seems to be walking the dogs or kids around. We started making updates to this house including a new roof, and replacing the old electric cadet heaters with a brand new high efficiency furnace and ducting. As some of the final details are coming together with the interior updates, I can’t help but think about the family that had been here so long, over 70 years I hear.  It of course reminds me of  my own Granny’s house in Clarkston, Michigan about an hour North of Detroit. She was there for about 50 years before she passed away at the feisty age of 102 in 2010.

While my family and I bought this house to restore it, I never consider it mine. The ones that lived here for 70 years are still the owners, and I’m more of a placeholder getting it ready for the next family. It may seem trite, but I always hope the improvements we make are ones that will make the previous owners happy or proud. I hope they still see their house, when they look at the work we did, and that we’ve done well enough to leave all the character for them to still see their memories through our work.

Keep an eye open for this one. 8603 NE Dyer, Portland, OR. It will be looking for a new family to take cafe of it for the next 70 years. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about Madison South, check out their webpage here

Bobby Curtis
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Bobby Curtis

Principal Broker & Licensed Contractor

Meet Bobby Curtis.  Buyer’s agent. Listing agent.  Renovator. A gentleman hailing from the great state of Michigan, Bobby harnesses equal parts brains, brawn, and enthusiasm for every client and every project.  After graduating from the University of Michigan, Bobby embarked on a career in the pharmaceutical industry focusing on sales, marketing, and consulting.  In those five years, he was even lucky enough to roam around Europe for short stint in Geneva, Switzerland.  Nevertheless, the European dream paled in comparison to a quality brat and a good American brew, and alas, Bobby traveled back stateside where he traded in his suit for a high-quality flannel and some Carhartt’s.  After purchasing his first house to flip, Bobby rolled up his sleeves and started in on what would become his passion – transforming houses into homes by unleashing the beauty of each unique property. Since 2010, Bobby has bought and restored many houses in Portland, both large and small, with great success.  Armed with extensive first-hand knowledge of house restoration, Bobby offers his clients an exceptional eye to pinpoint property potential and value.  Whether you are searching for complete fixer property or a dialed-in and buttoned-up home, Bobby is happy to guide you through the process of finding your perfect place.  If you are selling your property, Bobby’s keen eye will help you showcase all of your property’s best features.  As an experienced buyer’s agent, listing agent, and renovator, Bobby is well-versed in the negotiation process. If you’re looking to get a sneak peak of Bobby in action, you can catch him (and his mom) on First Time Flippers, which will be airing on the DIY Network in March 2016.  That’s right, he helped his mom flip her first house . . . and he’s still here to talk about it. Check it out here Contact Bobby at: 503-502-3066 or Licensed Contractor #215071
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Bobby Curtis

Principal Broker & Licensed Contractor

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