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Navigating the Unconventional

By Lisa Avena, June 3, 2019

Real estate is one of those industries that will keep you on your toes and constantly learning.  Being able to problem solve and to navigate through unconventional challenges is all a part of the value that we bring to the clients we serve. I can say without hesitation that this last transaction afforded me plenty of opportunities for growth and definitely kept me on my toes.

When my past client, Holly approached me about helping her and her partner Hannah purchase a home together, of course I was thrilled! I had worked with Holly twice,  and I knew that we’d have some fun looking at homes together.  I was honored to be a part of her and Hannah’s process of finding a place of their own to begin this next chapter of their lives together.

We looked at several homes and even found ourselves in a couple of competitive offer scenarios. After missing out on the second home, Holly learned from a colleague that one of her friends would soon be listing her home for sale by owner in the perfect location where Holly and Hannah had been focusing their search.

The home seemed to check nearly all the boxes and was a perfect fit in many ways, however,  it was a for sale by owner and the owner preferred not have realtors involved, and was certainly not in agreement to pay my commission. I didn’t not want my clients to miss out on “the perfect one” so I agreed to step aside in order to allow all parties to proceed with the sale amongst themselves. Holly and Hannah believed in the value I bring through the service I provide, and decided to pay my commission themselves.  We proceeded together through this uncharted territory of purchasing a FSBO.

We experienced a couple of hiccups along the way, mainly a 4 foot sinkhole that was discovered in the crawlspace and a seller who insisted on doing things her way throughout the process.  With each hiccup, we persisted!  I assessed each scenario, advocated for my clients throughout the process and worked really hard to keep the process moving forward for all parties, but in a way that best protected my client’s interests.

There were some very intense moment, oh heck, who am I kidding, there was some intense days, but we made it! I couldn’t be happier for Holly and Hannah! Thank you for believing in the value that I bring and for being so amazing through some challenging moments and days!


Lisa Avena

ADU Specialist + Earth Advantage Broker

Searching for a place to finally lay down roots and to call home, I moved to Oregon with my family over a decade ago. Arriving in Portland, we instantly fell in love with the vibrant neighborhoods, older homes, walkability, and amazing local music scene. We knew immediately that we had finally found our home. We settled down in inner SE where we’ve lived ever since. While in California, I attended UC Davis where I earned a bachelors degree in Sociology and went on to work in social services for over five years, before I began a full time career raising my three daughters and giving back to my community. Some of my volunteer commitments have included serving on several non-profit boards, working as the volunteer outreach coordinator for The Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls, and helping to coordinate fundraising events and develop community partners for local radio station KZME. As a Realtor, I am absolutely committed to helping my clients not only find the perfect house, but also the right community for them to call home. I take great pride in the level of service I provide. This begins with educating my clients about the process of buying or selling a home, knowing current market conditions, representing their interest and serving as their trusted advisor/negotiator throughout the entire real estate transaction and beyond. As a Realtor, I’ve been able to combine my passions of helping people, building community and my love for the places we call home.  Please let me know how I can help you!
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Lisa Avena

ADU Specialist + Earth Advantage Broker

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