By Jason Wasinger, December 18, 2018

Expecting their fourth boy. J&B were feeling the constraints of their first home. They had found a listing for the perfect little slice of rural life just outside the city and gave me a call. The property was a rural farm house in Canby, OR. With over 3,000 square feet and just over an acre of land. The photos online featured a river running through the backyard, one of the biggest Oak trees I have ever seen, and the cutest little pump house covered with ivy.

It was a chilly January afternoon when we decided to check it out. As we pulled up, the sun broke through the clouds. It didn’t take long to realize that this home was perfect for them. Soon after, I went to work developing a game plan
to rush their current house to market. Then we wrote an offer! This gem of a property had been listed for sale by owner for over a year. Imagine our surprise when another offer came in the same day as ours… and it was accepted!


First time viewing the home!

We were all a bit devastated. It had been so easy envisioning them making that property their home. I knew how much they wanted that house. We had laid down all of their cards with the offer. The offer was well below asking and at the top of their budget. The house had sat for so long though. So back to the drawing board we went. It was pretty clear from the get go though, that they just weren’t ready to move on.  J&B were not going to just get over “the one that got away”. So, with the impending birth of a new baby, J&B decided that moving just wasn’t meant to be. They decided to stay put for the time being.

Fast forward two months later and two weeks from baby 4’s arrival…. I got a call from the owner of their dream property. Rising interest rates had caused the accepted offer to fall out of contract. The house was going back on the market. The owner wanted to know if my clients were still interested? I immediately called J&B and told them I needed to talk to them in person. They had no idea what I was about to tell them (see the reaction photo above). They were beyond excited and we resubmitted!


The house is back on market!


Being a rural property. The inspections are a little more nuanced than they tend to be in city limits. We asked for one month to list and sell their old home. We then asked for a 20 business day inspection period rather than the usual 10. The rural property was located on a flood zone. It also had a well and septic tank that we needed to understand.


Pump house for well

With baby T due in just two weeks, we went to work preparing their house for sale. Walls and cabinets were painted. Staging was brought in and some landscaping was done to ensure that the house would sell promptly. All the efforts paid off! The house went pending! We then wrapped up the purchase of their dream home!



Fast forward 5 months. This family is now settled into the rural life! They have spent the summer swimming, catching snakes, making new friends, and enjoying river view sunsets. This purchase certainly wasn’t a short one, but it was well worth it to see this family living their dream! Just as they had envisioned on that cold January afternoon.


Jason Wasinger


Hello! I am an easy to know extrovert, honest, and extremely value driven. I love people and houses and I feel that I have been preparing my whole life to bring them together! Growing up in a divorced household I have called home to 29 different places in my 35 years of life. As a young man I was always tinkering on bikes, building skateboard ramps and furniture, or helping frame and hang sheetrock with my Dad. At 19, I started working in the construction trades while going to college and have pretty much been building, remodeling, and renovating ever since. I was a professional wedding photographer for seven years while I renovated my own homes, these days my sole focus is helping home buyers and sellers navigate the often misunderstood realm of real estate. As a real estate agent, husband, father, and business owner I am aware of the many challenges that most buyers and sellers face when considering such a major life change with all of life’s other responsibilities. I am always happy to help or just chat with anyone, at any price point, anywhere in Portland, Oregon. I find joy in helping others develop a game plan and helping turn goals into reality. Whether you are a  first time home buyer looking for that perfect fixer upper on the edge of town, or a million dollar view home, or that forever garden abode nestled in the center of city, if you or someone you know is thinking about making a big move in the coming year. Hit me up!

I am married to my best friend Nettajane who is a teacher and a wonderful mom, crafter, and cook. We have two amazing daughters, Hazel and Esme. We are proud residents of the Rose City Park Neighborhood in NE Portland! We love scavenging second hand stores and estate sales for bargain treasures, gardening, simple design, DIY remodeling, the great outdoors, photography, riding bikes and I am always reading a dozen books simultaneously. I am a fast walker and long talker. I value punctuality, kindness, and doing good work.  
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