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NoPo Bungalow just in time

By Lauren Clark, August 27, 2018

Shawn and Nadja came to me from a wonderful friend and client (who they also happened to be crashing with) looking for their first home together. They also had a rock solid, unmovable deadline with a baby on the way, and a home birth on the wishlist!

What they didn’t have, was a solid idea of what neighborhood or era of home they wanted to end up in. Just that they wanted the home be move in ready, and garden friendly. So we did some rapid exploration of neighborhoods and style of homes. They quickly focused in on North Portland new construction or freshly remodeled homes. And with the softening we’ve seen in the market, we were left with some pretty great options in their budget.

We ended up landing on a beautifully remodeled 50’s ranch, with separate living space in the basement, and the dreamiest garden. Not to mention the cleanest alley access I’ve ever seen. This super flexible

home allowed them to get a fabulous house at the top of their budget, thanks to the AirBnb income they’ll be able to count on for as long as they need it. And we managed to close just under the wire at four weeks until baby’s due date!

Whether you’ve got a super tight deadline, or all the time in the world, I’d love to help you find your dream home! Give me a ring or send over an email to to sit down for a meeting!

Lauren Clark

Earth Advantage Broker

Real Estate is an act of service. A lot of people think it’s a sales industry. Or that agents are sales people. And while it possible that some agents may work this way, my business could not be more different. My business is all about listening and building relationships. Whether you’re buying or selling, I am here to listen to your goals, and hear your plans. Once you’ve been heard, and we’re all on the same page, that’s when we get down to the nitty gritty business of making your goals into reality. My goal is to run a people focused business and create wins on both sides of all transactions.  I work hard to foster relationships with my clients, but also with the other agents I work in concert with. I believe that it is always possible to close a transaction in a way that leaves everyone feeling happy and well served. Buying or selling a home is a huge process, and it’s always going to bring a little stress along with it. But when we work as a team toward a shared goal and with mutual respect, it can be a positive experience that allows a home to transfer owners with good will and good vibes. When I’m not with my clients, you’ll find me running around after my partner and two boys, knitting, traveling, camping or watching Downton Abbey for the 20th time.
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Lauren Clark

Earth Advantage Broker

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