Blog Stories Nothing quite as smooth as VanSword smooth

Nothing quite as smooth as VanSword smooth

By Virginia Barden, July 30, 2019

Deacon and Talena VanSword had been long-time renters in PDX and decided it was time to put down roots and purchase their first home.

When they were ready to get to work, we met up, reviewed the process and gathered our resources. Together, we identified the opportunities and challenges they would likely be presented within the current market climate. We narrowed their search, got them pre-approved with an all-star lender, and got inside some qualified homes.

Quickly, a gorgeously restored mid-century modern sprawler popped up on the radar. However, they had only been looking for a few days. Could it be? Was this the one? Was it too soon?

Not for these savvy cats.

This home was in an excellent neighborhood for them. The price was right and for no good reason, it had been sitting on the market a little while. It checked all of their boxes and Deacon and Telena decided that they had very serious interest. I mean, look at this great kitchen.

Today, at closing Deacon said to me, “you gave us, what seemed like, permission to move forward”. It is understandable that after only a few days of looking, one might have some FOMO about other houses not yet seen. To assuage their concerns, I provided them with the analytics on the long term value projections for this house to be sure they were not going to overspend. Since the value checked out, Deacon and Talena decided to trust their guts and we wrote up a great offer. Additionally, the results of their home inspection confirmed their hunch was right on- the house was squeaky clean and had been restored with skill and care.  Of course, the decision to proceed was absolutely theirs, but a good agent arms their clients with information so they can make an informed decision.

Fast-forward and here is them at signing today- Oh, yes, they were THIS fun to work with, basically the entire time! (see photo)

I was honored to have been the one they chose to guide them through these important decisions- thanks so much D+T. As a team, we put in the hard work and got them an incredible home. You have been such a delight!



Virginia Barden


Grounded in personalized service and thoughtful communication, Virginia leverages her experience with high-pressure real estate investment environments to achieve exceptional outcomes for her clients. Virginia creates calm from chaos and loves adapting these tools to her clients’ benefit. In addition to her years in real estate, Virginia holds a Bachelor of Sociology Degree and a Certificate of Organic Master Gardening from Portland State University. She is a member of the Portland Metro Association of Realtors, the National Association of Realtors, and a member of the Urban Land Institute. Virginia has earned her Negotiation Expert Certification, a designation that arms her with the most effective negotiation techniques and ability to maximize outcomes for her clients. When Virginia is not tenaciously advocating for her clients, she is in the kitchen working on recipes that begin with, “Day 1…”, drinking great coffee and hiking Mt. Tabor with her young family and her labradoodle, Polly. Virginia deeply cherishes the trust of her community and she will always have hearts in her eyes for Portland. Follow Virginia on Instagram to get a look behind the scenes.
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