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By Shannon Dooley, October 3, 2019

Oregon is all about its nuts – hazelnuts!

Call them filberts or what you will, but drive almost anywhere in the Willamette Valley and you’ll pass hazelnut orchards. According to the Statesman Journal some 70,000 acres of Willamette Valley farmland are planted in hazelnuts trees and farmers are expected to plant 8,000 more acres each year. The 2018 harvest yielded about 47,000 tons, but by 2025, the yield is expected to be 90,000 tons annually.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when I found out my client worked in the hazelnut industry, I mean, 47K tons is a lot of nuts to deal with. As many of us do, I had forgotten that when I reach for my favorite agricultural products, hazelnuts or otherwise, that a lot of people have worked very hard to make those available to me.

It made  sense that he found the perfect house in Salem as it’s centrally located in the Willamette Valley and I hope he’s going to love his new home for a good long time.


Fun Facts from the Oregon Hazelnut industry:

  • The hazelnut became Oregon’s official State Nut in 1989.
  • About 800 Oregon farm families grow hazelnuts on 70,000 acres.
  • The total value growers received for their hazelnut crop has averaged nearly $70 million during the last five years. This translates into a total economic impact of more than $150 million in Oregon.
  • Hazelnut trees can produce until over 100 years of age.
  • The hazelnut is unique in that it blooms and pollinates in the middle of winter. Wind carries the pollen from yellow catkins to a tiny red flower, where it stays dormant until June, when the nut begins to form.
  • The nuts mature during the summer months, turning from green to shades of hazel nestled in a protective husk, and are harvested in late September or October after they have fallen to the ground.
  • In 1858, the first cultured hazelnut tree was planted in Oregon by retired Hudson’s Bay Company employee, Sam Strictland in Scottsburg.
  • In 1903, George Dorris of Springfield started the first commercial orchard with more than 200 Barcelona hazelnut trees. Barcelona is the most prominent variety grown in Oregon today. The Dorris Ranch is now a living history filbert farm with thousands of visitors annually.

Also, if you made it this far and love to bake please make some of these cookies and write to me about how darn delicious they are!



Shannon Dooley

Earth Advantage Broker and ADU Specialist Licensed in OR & WA

Shannon grew up in a real estate family, and as a third generation Realtor it seems that it is actually in her DNA. She spent 18 years working in public service both as a Medic and a City of Portland 9-1-1 Dispatcher, but real estate has always been her passion. Her first investment in Portland area real estate was in 2003 and she has been actively watching and participating in the market since. She believes owning real estate is empowering and wants to see as many people own homes as possible. Shannon’s commitment to honesty and ethical practice is evident to her clients and has earned her the Five Star Professional Rising Star award two years running. As an Earth Advantage Broker and ADU specialist Shannon is happy to talk your ear off about the possibilities that exist and help you determine the route that best suits your real estate goals. When working with clients she always put their best interest first: * Sellers, she will market your home to the largest pool of buyers possible using professional networks and Living Room Realty’s comprehensive marketing. * Buyers, she loves helping you find new homes and working collaboratively with other agents to ensure a positive experience. * First Time Home Buyers, you hold a special place in Shannon’s heart. She takes great pride in taking time to explain the process so you never feel lost and (little secret) she still gets a little teary eyed when she hands over those keys. * Real Estate Investors, she wants to help you build your portfolio. Whether it’s your first investment property or your fifteenth, regardless of the complexity, she’ll have it under control. Having lived in many of Portland’s neighborhoods, Shannon found herself in love with North Portland where she has settled with her husband Craig, their two dogs Arnold and Spencer, and the worlds most talkative cat John Meowkovich. Craig is a licensed home inspector and general contractor by day, but the two of them are always taking on some sort of creative life endeavor. They have started a food truck, purchased and developed a small farm, written and illustrated a children’s book, etc. I think the kids these days would say they, “Can’t stop, won’t stop.” They have a daughter who is currently traveling Europe for several months with her girlfriend – this brings them incredible joy. Shannon loves traveling, meeting new people, attempting to keep house plants alive, exploring Portland neighborhoods, and supporting local businesses.
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