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One in Eight Thousand

By Nichole Connelly, November 12, 2019

I recently read that there are more than 8,000 real estate agents in the Portland Metro area. There is no doubt that this job is a non stop hustle. Often, we get our business from referrals from previous clients. We work hard, do the right thing, and gain more business. I received an email that looked as if it was coming from a solicitor, as I was moving it to my trash box- one of my favorite lenders lit up on my phone. She let me know that I would be receiving a questionnaire from a referral of hers, they weren’t happy with their current agent and they had parted ways. I opened the email and began the long series of questions for round one of the interview process; I could tell the undertone of the client had felt burned and not well taken care of. I immediately responded to the email saying I was getting on a flight but would have the info back to her no later than 11 pm (of course the wifi was out on the plane!) so in order to keep my promise- I got in my car, I pulled to the side of the road in the dark, attached to my hotspot and hit my 11 pm deadline. This would be the first of several interviews (I later found out there were 15 agents being interviewed for the listing!). Almost humorous to me, I pulled up for my fourth and final meeting, I’ve never had so many interviews for a listing! With research in hand; comps, history, my opinion on what happened the first round of listing, my plan to market, the dates chosen for open houses etc., I told myself “You got this! You’re going to sell this home for them.” Some listings are stressful, some are easy, some go quick and some slow.. through it all, I pride myself in my communication and sense of urgency. As we walked away from the signing on the last day, one of the sellers turned to me and said “thank you for all of your hard work, you have been absolutely wonderful and we will refer anyone looking to buy or sell to you.” I got in my car, high fived myself and thought.. “THAT is how you know you’ve become 1 in 8,000!”

Nichole Connelly

Broker Licensed in OR & WA

Driven, passionate and all done with a sense of humor. Nichole’s love for people will shine through the moment you meet her. With more than 15 years in the finance industry, she not only knows the in and outs of lending, affordability and marketing; she has a solid understanding of how to blend aggressive negotiations with kindness and integrity to get the optimal result for her clients. An Oregonian native- Nichole grew up in the Willamette valley, went to college in Eugene and finished up in Portland in 2004. Her love for unique architecture and the joy in finding “the perfect home” logically led her to becoming a Realtor. Nichole prides herself on representing individuals and families from all walks of life, and is passionate to create an equal opportunity- especially when buying a home. From starter homes, to investment properties- her attention to detail, experience, quick response time and genuine desire to please her clients will be a continued asset to both sides of the sales process.
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