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Pass the Butter Please

By Jené DeSpain, December 24, 2019

Secure bike storage, a space for a bike workshop, and a kitchen with room for a 36 inch stove, somewhere close-in around the Hawthorne neighborhood so Todd could bike to work comfortably everyday. These were the small requests of what Ashley and Todd were asking to find in their purchase of their first Portland home. No problem, I thought. Six months, endless laughs, a few “almost winners”,  and over one hundred homes later, we found it! I couldn’t be more happy to have these two wonderful people as clients and now friends. The night after closing, I brought over a bottle of champagne to celebrate, and I saw this super sweet lil butter dish on the counter, the only kitchen item currently in their brand new home. I asked about it, and they shared this butter dish has been a meaningful part of every single one of their homes together, and it’s the first thing Todd asked Ashley to make sure to bring the day they got the keys to their home. To all of the incredible meals to be made in this befitting home and all of the bikes to be wrenched on in that expansive basement, I raise my glass with so much excitement and joy for you two. Happy 2020 Todd and Ashley!

Jené DeSpain

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