Blog Stories Persistence and a little bit of luck

Persistence and a little bit of luck

By Leah Dowling, January 8, 2020

Whew… What a wild ride this one was. My clients have been looking for over 2 years for a gem of a house that is in a great neighborhood, with room to put a pool in, that needs some work so they can make it their own. We scoured the market and saw a lot of houses and missed out on a few. So, when this house popped up, we went to see it that same day and made an offer. We were competing as it was a great house, with a 3 mountain view, on an acre, within 10 minutes driving to NW 23rd.  I was so excited when I got a call from the other agent saying that they picked our offer!  But, during the home inspection, we discovered that the septic system needed to be completely replaced..  It wouldn’t have been so hard if we had a time line for when the septic was going to be done and signed off on by the city, but dealing with the weather, the city and easements, attorneys, made this one hard to pin down a closing date. We extended it multiple times and my clients after about 2 months, were just tired of the whole process and the idea that this could go on a few more weeks or month and that meant more money out of their pocket to extend the rate lock…. So, on a Friday, 3 months after we made our offer and multiple extensions, he decided to terminate.  They signed, the sellers signed and it was done. They were going to continue looking.. On that next Monday, 3 days later, we got an email from our escrow officer saying that the city had finally signed off on the septic system, which is what we were waiting for.  So I got on the phone with the lender, my clients, the other agent and we brought this deal back from the dead.  So, today is the day of closing and I couldn’t be happier for my clients!  We did it!

Leah Dowling


“Its not what you do, its why you do it.” Howard Shultz I have a genuine passion for and get great joy from helping people. I know this sounds cheesy but everyone, there it is. Its true. I have been helping people buy and sell homes since 2005 and plan to be helping people for years to come. My most important values are honesty, trust, kindness, communication and FUN! There are many moving parts to real estate and trying to navigate the waters, is overwhelming to many people. So, with these basic value, we work together as a team, fulfilling your dreams all while having a great time doing it. I listen to your needs, and we go out as a team and make your dreams a reality. Whether that is buying your 1st or 15th house, selling your home, buying a condo, starting to invest in rentals or buying a farm! I am there to help you! I have a bachelors from the University of Washington in Communications. I am originally from the east coast. I graduated from high school in Upstate NY, lived in Arlington VA and Seattle before settling in lovely Portland OR. I live in St Johns in North Portland, and LOVE it. Its like living in a small town, within a big city. Little bit more about me and things I love: Travel: My obsession is currently Spain: the food, the people, the history… I was a flight attendant in my 20’s and my father was a pilot so flying and travel has been in my life for as long as I can remember. My Dachshunds: I have a grey dachshund named Olive and a Chi-weenie named Max. Everything I do is for them, the house I buy, the car I drive, everything. I am a crazy weiner dog lady and stop people on the street if I see they have one. Remodeling homes: My partner, a contractor, and I are on our second home that we have completely overhauled. It is so exciting to take it down to the studs, and build it back up. I love all the potential homes have and this is a skill that I have when looking a house, all the possibility that it has. The last remodel we did, we lived in a 16’ trailer for 8 months until it was liveable: 2 humans and 2 dogs in 800 sq feet. Reading: I have been known to read/listen to up to 10 books at a time. I love to learn and grow and there is so much information out there to know. Food: I love to cook and eat delicious and healthy food. I know, they don't normally go together but…
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Leah Dowling

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