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Piano. Push. Play. is back in 2018!

By Eldridge Huntington, June 25, 2018

Have you ever had that unique and surreal experience when you are just walking around the city or in one of our fantastic parks, minding your own business and then suddenly and inexplicably, you happen upon a fabulously painted piano? It’s outside, it’s beautiful, and it’s waiting there, ready to be played by anyone that wishes to tickle it’s keys. Who put it there? What is it’s purpose? Why?

Piano! Push Play! is on a mission to make pianos available to anyone who wants to play them. You might find them across the street from Powell’s on Burnside, or in the International Rose Test Garden, or in Tabor Park. The founders wanted to make it possible for everyone to have access to music. It’s a remarkable mix of characters who sit down to play, proving that you can’t entirely judge someone from their appearance.

The summer kickoff concert in this Friday at 5pm(kid-friendly btw) out in front of the Portland Art Museum, and it’s going to be a the debut of this seasons pianos. Every year Piano. Push. Play. receives old pianos and gives them to local artists to redesign and refurbish. It’s public art that you can fully interact with, and it’s pure joy to see the wonder of the public upon discovering these treasures. They are here for a short amount of time while we have our brief Portland summer, and then they move indoors to local schools, community centers, and other places that can benefit from them.

Check out their website for more info and get yourself down to the show on Friday!

Eldridge Huntington


My name is Eldridge D Huntington III: a name I’m very proud to have even if it doesn’t exactly fit my personality. My family and friends call me JR. It’s a long story, but the short answer to the short name is Dallas. I was born in Fargo, raised in Detroit, lived in Chicago for 11 years, and now I’m truly home in Portland. Real estate was not my first career. I studied film at Columbia College. Although I was more interested in cinematography I found I was better suited as a Producer. Assembling and managing crews, scheduling, accounting and being a part of a project from the idea to the time it hits the screen was extremely fulfilling. After 7 years of producing I began working in the art department creating, designing and bringing sets to life.  I worked on Major motion pictures like Nightmare on Elm street, Public Enemies, Time travelers wife, Wild, Grimm and Librarians. With a background in design and long history of managing multiple high level projects I have found a perfect balance as a Realtor. I love multi-tasking, working with a team to pull off amazing feats and using an analytical approach creatively. I moved to Portland in 2009 with my wife Gina. We currently live in the Portsmouth neighborhood with our two daughters, Estelle and Etta. We purchased our first family home in 2011. We found a little yellow bungalow with a cedar fence and fell deeply in love with it at first sight. We attempt to be gardeners in the summer and rehab addicts during the winter. Most of my spare time is well spent making memories with these wonderful people and working on the house. My favorite things about Portland are the access to natural beauty, outstanding food, the kind and adventurous people and the beer.
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