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Where Are They Now? PBJ Revisits Their 2013 Women of Influence

By Living Room Realty, April 11, 2018

In 2013, our founder Jenelle Isaacson, was a winner of the Portland Business Journal’s Women of Influence Award. Now in 2018, they reached out to the 2013 recipients to find out what the last five years have held.

2013 Winner: Jenelle Isaacson, Living Room Realty

Then: Jenelle Isaacson, owner of Living Room Realty has made a career out of selling homes. Based on some of the interests she highlighted for the Business Journal, it’s not out of the question that she might enjoy building and decorating homes as well.

“[I got started in the business world] selling handmade tables that I made. I quickly learned how to manage my time and resources, learned how to sell myself, and represent myself.”

And her first choice for a new career? “Weaving, textiles professor.”

Now: “My business, Living Room Realty, will be celebrating its 10th anniversary, and it’s given me some time to reflect on the last few years and the tremendous growth I’ve experienced both professionally and personally.

In 2013 I received the WOI award and the 40 under 40 and those were big wins for me professionally. These came at the same time I was experiencing the most challenging and difficult years in my business. I was put to the test as a leader by choosing between our values and revenue when I let a small group of our most productive members go that didn’t fit with the values of the business. I had rebranded the company and we did some major reorganizing to put ourselves in a position to scale and grow. This was not popular with everyone in the organization at the time, and I had to stand firm in my commitment and decision to move forward and push through the fear and resistance.

Like anyone that faces a major challenge, I came out on the other end smarter and more confident of who I was as a leader. We went on to win the Oregon Ethics in Business Award… and grew the company from a 47 person organization to more than 150 people today, from $170 Million in total sales, to over a half billion , $617 million, in 2017.

I also went on to serve as President of the Rock N Roll Camp for Girls board in 2015 and the learning chair for the Portland EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) in 2015-2016. I am now transitioning into the role as the president-elect of the EO Board, where I will be serving as chapter President in 2019. An objective of mine on the EO board has to work towards diversifying our chapter membership. I’m extremely proud that our chapter has gone from roughly 10 percent women to when I joined to 30 percent.

I have also been raising two daughters who are now 9 and 10. As a mom of daughters, I love to see the PBJ supporting the women in our community.”

Read the full article here.

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