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Portland Population + Housing Boom

By Living Room Realty, December 28, 2018

Portland metro is set for a population and housing boom over the next 20 years.

Majority of the growth in the area is projected to be in its suburbs.

Projections from predict the population of the area inside Portland’s urban growth boundary  will increase by more than 540,000 by 2040. Projection indicate Portland itself is expected to swell in population by a quarter-million in that time, according to Metro.

Some of the most substantial growth is expected in Hillsboro and Tigard. Hillsboro is projected to explode past 100,000 people to nearly 130,000 by 2040.  Tigard is on track to blow past the 50,000-resident mark up to a population of close to 70,000.

The growth in Hillsboro is so substantial that the city is projected to leapfrog Gresham by 2040, becoming Portland’s largest suburb south of the Columbia River.

Forest Grove is set for one of the largest increases in the region relative to its size. The city of about 23,000 is projected to boom to nearly 35,000 by 2040, an increase of approximately 51 percent.

Smaller Cornelius is projected for nearly as large a relative increase, a 46.5 percent surge from 11,900 to almost 17,500.

King City is set to grow by nearly 2,000 people — a 55 percent increase in the small community’s population. The city is currently eyeing annexation measures that could see it substantially expand its city boundaries.

Growth in cities including Beaverton, Sherwood and Tualatin is projected to be more modest. Beaverton is  set to grow from about 94,000 past the 100,000-resident mark, according to Metro’s projections. Sherwood is set to grow from about 19,000 to more than 20,500. Tualatin is projected to add fewer than 1,000 people, ending up with a population just above 27,000 residents.

Unincorporated areas of Washington County are projected to see a massive increase of 126,000 residents. Project swelling from about 240,000 people to more than 365,000 by 2040. The projected growth is greater than that in Multnomah and Clackamas counties combined.


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