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A Perfect Day in Portland’s St. Johns Neighborhood

By Aryne + Dulcinea, September 27, 2018

Bordering the intersection of the Columbia and Willamette rivers, Portland’s St. Johns neighborhood exemplifies the city’s deep connection to both nature and its fading blue collar roots. Its historic downtown provides an eclectic blend of established institutions and newer amenities set against a backdrop of some of Portland’s most striking views.

The atmosphere feels as hipster as it feels authentically small town, and visitors will enjoy the eclectic blend of locally-owned shops, bars and eateries. Representing Portland’s most nature-bound quadrant, experiencing the electric pallet of St. Johns in autumn is a worthwhile experience for residents and tourists alike. Here’s what you need to know about maximizing your day in Portland’s St. Johns neighborhood.



Downtown St. Johns is the ultimate place to take a morning stroll, as the district’s main stretch is lined with an exceptional selection of early dining options. For a proper breakfast, local establishment John Street Café delivers both on menu and ambiance. Surrounded by locals, you’ll begin to understand why St. Johns’ takes pride in its tight-knit community. For a lighter breakfast, you can check out one of many coffee shops, which include St. Johns Coffee Roasters and motorcycle-coffee shop combo Two Stroke Coffee Co. The Great North is another charming coffeehouse, which features exceptional espresso options with house made syrups.

If you’re fortunate enough to be in St. Johns on a Saturday, you’ll likely encounter the community farmer’s market. Exceptional for being one of the city’s most engaging and lively markets, The St. Johns Farmer’s Market offers a great selection of vendors, as well as live performances and entertainment.




Exploring the central area of downtown St. Johns, you’ll happen across vintage shops, Vinyl Resting Place, home décor and women’s retailer Metamorphic, and Etcetera boutique. These are gems worth exploring, as they are less combed-through than similar establishments in more central areas.

A perfect day in St. Johns would be incomplete without a trip to the neighborhood’s pride and joy, Cathedral Park. If your trip coincides with the market, consider grabbing a food for an impromptu picnic. Alternately, you can make a pit stop to one of Portland’s best-kept secrets: Tienda Santa Cruz. You didn’t hear it from us, but the inconspicuous Mexican grocery actually dishes up the best burrito in the city. Grab your meal of choice and take a scenic walk to the underbelly of St Johns Bridge, where you can explore the breathtaking views of Cathedral Park and dip your toes in the Willamette.


Because “too much of a good thing” doesn’t apply to Portland vistas, we recommend surveying Willamette Boulevard. If possible, explore the route by bike, scooter or foot so that you can enjoy the overlook of west Portland and uncover some of the neighborhood’s many charming hidden secrets. Exploring near North Tyler and  Willamette will reveal a historic water tower, gorgeous river scenes and artistic accents.

Like a true North Portlander, you should end up at The St. Johns’ Beer Porch. A local favorite, this pod offers a selection of food carts which are outstanding even by Portland standards.



Just because it’s low-key, doesn’t mean St. Johns is tame. In contrast, the area is known for its many dive bars. It might not be flashy, but the late night scene in St. Johns is fun.These are the unpretentious neighborhood haunts where bartenders and locals will often invite you into their worlds for a night, so consider finishing your night off in St. Johns’ downtown stretch. There’s not need to list those bars here, as the glow of neon of signs will no doubt draw you in off Lombard.


What are your favorite activities in Portland’s St. Johns neighborhood?


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