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Repairs and Final Walk-throughs

By Julia Robertson, August 13, 2019

You’re buying a home. You’ve completed your inspections. You’re waiting to close. Now what?

You’ve made it through the inspection period and the seller has agreed to complete some home repairs. Congratulations! Now what? A week before closing I remind my clients about the closing process and to schedule a final walk through before closing. Besides asking the seller to provide any invoices or photos showing the repair has been completed- schedule a final walk through at least 3-5 days before your closing date. It’s always a good idea to double check that seller has completed the items they’ve agreed to repair.

Often you’ll find that a seller is scrambling to get those last repairs done, or cleaning up their move out. You’ll walk through the house with your real estate agent and verify that the items have been repaired.  I’ve found that a day or two before closing is just not enough time to remedy unfinished repairs. If a seller has not performed the agreed repair, do not give authorization to close until you are satisfied. This may delay your closing and you’ll have to write an extension to close.

Here are some repair and final walkthrough tips-

  • Make sure your repair requests are written in detail or refer to a specific scope of work.
  • In addition to your inspection report, get a professional estimate for repair.
  • If you are asking for a sewer repair, request that the seller scope the line after the repair and provide you the video of the scope.
  • Make good judgement about work that is being completed by homeowner or needs to be completed by a licensed & bonded contractor. There is a lot of work that a homeowner can do on their own. If the repair is related to a “service” of a major appliance, structure, or health/safety issue- request a professional handle that repair.
  • If a repair is being completed after closing, for example a sewer repair- ask for escrow to hold back additional funds in case the repair exceeds the provided estimate.
  • Your repair request agreement has a date written in which the repairs need to be completed by. If you haven’t seen photos or invoices come in, check in with your Realtor to request them from the seller.

If you are thinking about buying a home- give me call! I’d love to help you through the real estate process.

Julia Robertson | Broker | Living Room Realty

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Julia Robertson

Earth Advantage Broker Licensed in OR & WA

Julia Robertson is first and foremost a passionate Oregonian. She moved to Oregon eleven years ago and genuinely loves showing the city to clients who are considering whether to relocate. Julia constantly explores the city so that she can accurately match clients with a part of Portland Metro or Vancouver that is perfect them. She believes that everyone deserves the chance to own a home in an area or neighborhood that they love. Since a real estate purchase is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, Julia works tirelessly with her clients to build a trusting relationship and help them find not just a house, but a home. She has experience working with a broad range of clients to fulfill their diverse and unique needs. Are you selling your home? Purchasing your first condo downtown? Searching for property outside of the city? Looking to buy an investment property? Julia can help you come up with a plan that meets your timeline, your budget  and your needs.  If you’d like to meet for coffee or lunch to discuss potential real estate opportunities, Julia would love to hear from you. When Julia represents a client in the sale or purchase of a home, Julia treats the agency they have like a friendship, going above and beyond to serve her clients. She considers the client’s budget, bottom line, area preferences, and future plans. While Julia doesn’t consider herself a “sales person,” she does have over twenty years of experience in the field of sales and knows how to conduct herself in negotiations and details. Your business is Julia’s top priority, and she always makes herself available. From an early age, Julia loved everything related to homemaking.  Her childhood spent moving from town to town and always having to be “the new kid” gave her the personal confidence to meet new people and boldly operate in the high stakes world of real estate. Julia is a licensed Realtor in Oregon and Washington as a Seller Representative Specialist(SRS) and Earth Advantage-certified broker. She currently serves on the Living Room Realty broker advisory board and attends the Portland B corporation meetings.
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