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Rosie Nearly Killed the Deal

By Laura Cavanaugh, August 31, 2018

The first time I set foot in my client’s new home, I was greeted by a sweet cat named Rosie. She did the typical cat stuff, cute meowing, rubbing herself against our legs, etc. As we moved through the house, I kept hearing Rosie meowing near the entrance to the basement. We eventually headed that way and immediately saw what all the fuss was about…Rosie had brought us a “present”. In the middle of the stairs was a dead mouse. We all laughed it off, skipped that step and moved on.

Fast forward to the inspection. The inspector and I enter the house and are immediately greeted by Rosie. She’s a very outgoing cat and kept hanging around me. As I’m sitting at the kitchen table, I see Rosie pop through the cat door with a dead baby bird in her mouth. She lays it at my feet. My inspector (an animal loving, vegetarian) and I are distraught. Poor baby bird! I grab a broom and dustpan and take the sweet bird to it’s resting place. Rosie must have sensed our dissatisfaction with the gift because about a half hour later, I hear a faint chirping. I ask the inspector if he hears it. Yes. We follow the noise and find a baby bird (alive this time) in the corner and Rosie “playing” with it. Rosie looks at me for approval, which she does not get. The inspector and I save the bird and I desperately take it outside looking for it’s home. I find what I think is the nest and leave the bird nearby on the ground. The bird disappeared and I pray it’s mama found it.

Yesterday, I was out at the house checking on the new roof that is going on. I run into the seller and ask how things are going with the move. He replies, “I’m fine, but Rosie is having a tough time.” In my mind I laughed…Rosie might be having a tough time, but the small animals of Canyon Crest are stoked to see her go!


Laura Cavanaugh


Growing up in a small town in the Willamette Valley, Laura quickly learned the beauty of Oregon.  Whether snowboarding at Timberline or playing on the beach in Gearhart, she knew that the diversity and beauty of the landscape would make her a native Oregonian for life. Moving to Portland over 12 years ago, Laura has called each quadrant of Portland home and loves how each neighborhood has its own unique vibe. A love of architecture and interior design made becoming a real estate agent a no brainer. Her goal in working for Living Room is to help her client’s real estate dreams come to fruition, whether that be a first home, an investment property or selling a home full of memories. She looks forward to the opportunity to make each and every client a client for life. In her spare time, you can find Laura chasing after her two adorable kiddos, Sloane and Holden, perusing Interior Design blogs, shopping for vintage treasures or, as an avid runner, hitting one of the amazing trails this city has to offer.  
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