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Savor the Savor

By Kristine Lebow, December 6, 2019

Work a day world. Mile a minute. Going, going, gone.

The more time we get under our belts, the quicker it passes. And while capital-T Time and capital-S Space are infinite, lowercase-t time definitely is not.

That’s why it’s crucial we find the space to enjoy the time we are given.

Sometimes that just means slowing down this ever-faster spinning world and savoring the moment. What are the ways to wrest back control over our internal clocks?

Have a tea.

Think of the time involved in each step of the process. Selection of just the right variety for that particular whim. Giving the water the time to heat. Then it must steep. And finally once ready, it’s still too hot to drink all at once. Between each of these steps are moments — opportunities to savor, to reclaim your own sense of time — to unspin the world for a bit.

Take each of these chances and make the most of them if you can. Breathe, sit quietly, send a thought to a loved one, read, meditate, pray, give thanks, dip a toe in the deeper mysteries. Just ignore your phone, your email, your alerts, your news — all that will be there when you get back from your tiny mental respite.

That’s why some things in life are designed to slow you down. It’s good to put speed bumps in our day-to-day drives. The slower we go through some moments in life, the greater we can appreciate all the subtleties and nuances, the scenery of life all around us.

Take your own brief break from the breakneck pace of life at Mo Cha Tea House, and give your Time the time it deserves.


Kristine Lebow

Earth Advantage Broker

My goal for you: Finding Home

If you are new to Portland or are just moving to a new neighborhood you can rely on me to help navigate the city-neighborhoods, schools, farmers markets, the food scene and other events that can help build your community.

My joy comes from helping people find solutions- whether you want to buy, sell, or just explore options, I am always delighted to talk with you.

Ready to Buy?

Buying a home may be the largest investment you make.

I believe that everyone deserves the chance to own a home, establish roots and build community in a place where they feel at home. When we work together, we review your needs and wants, your aesthetic, and all your reasons for moving, then we create a plan that fits your budget and timing.

As an experienced realtor, and someone who has bought more than one house, I recognize how exciting yet potentially stressful it can be. My priority is to navigate you through the process and hurdles that come your way so you will feel comfortable with your options and decisions.

Hopefully, it also means sharing some laughs along the way!

Time to Sell?

It’s important to have an experienced, knowledgeable agent representing you. Knowing what buyers are looking for helps me help you get your home ready to sell. We’ll focus on what will attract buyers, and then make sure your home gets as much online exposure as possible.

The next step is professionally negotiating on your behalf and assuring that your transaction goes as smoothly as possible. Consistent and timely communication is a priority as my goal is to build a lasting relationship based on mutual respect, trust and loyalty. 


Who I am

I am an Oregonian. I moved here as a young child and have a unique perspective on Portland and the surrounding areas having lived in Newberg, (wine country!) Sandy, (the mountains!), and Astoria (the Oregon Coast!) and now in Portland which has always held a special place in my heart. I had the privilege of raising my family here and have beautiful memories of all that Portland has to offer.   

Prior to this real estate life, I spent 20 years in the apparel business, designing for large brands like Nike, Michael Kors and Speedo. Working with sponsored athletes prepared me for the individualized nature of helping people buy and sell houses.  Every transaction is unique, and I love that!

When I am not working, I love to be outdoors hiking and exploring, practicing yoga and Butoh or being with family and friends, baking, working in my yard, or reading a book in my hammock when the sun is out.

I am passionate about green building and energy efficiency and have the following designations:

Earth Advantage Broker

ADU Specialist

Energy Trust Professional Trade Ally.

I am committed to great service and being a resource long after your sale is done, so if you need a referral or just an opinion, let’s chat.  I always appreciate your calls and questions.

In gratitude

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