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Selling And Buying During a Lockdown

By Jason & Kristin Anderson, September 21, 2020

Siva and Anjana are a couple we found very special from the moment we set foot in their home.  We were greeted by their family and children and even received a blessing for our baby Eleem Tide that was on the way in Kristin’s belly before we left.  Their parents were predicting a baby boy.  This made us smile with the love that we felt from their family from this first meeting.  We then went to work prior to the pandemic to talk about listing their home and then starting to look for their next home.  It look a lot of sweat equity to get their home in tip top shape for the market and we ended up launching the  listing right before the stay at home order went into effect.  Because of this there was a delay in getting their listing sold which caused a delay in shopping for a new home.

In order to keep focused, Siva and Anjana decided to hold off on looking for a home until we had their home in contract to make the best use of all of our time. After viewing some sub par homes due to the lack of inventory a gem of a house came onto the market. We were one of the first parities to view the home and they quickly knew that this home had most of the items on their wish list for their new home.

Siva and Anjana didn’t want to waste time so they made a compelling offer and we learned soon after that another offer was submitted. We dug deep and asked the right questions to help Anjana and Siva tailer their offer to take home the prize and they did!

Soon after we were off to inspections. During negotiations, we were caught by surprise with a very long list of repairs which made negotiations strenuous. They almost wanted to walk away from the sale as the seller did not want to grant the repairs.  However, Siva and Anjana kept it together.  We reached a compromise that both sides were happy with. They ended with a major improvements made to their home’s roof, windows and crawl space so that they could move in with the peace knowing that these items were already completed.

During the transaction, we learned about a special calendar that Siva and Anjana used to help them know what days were the best days and times to make decisions. We found this fascinating, and it ended up being a fun way to incorporate their beliefs in with the transaction. It made it very personal to them and educational for us. Another cultural tradition they had was to put salt in the new home prior to possession and the sellers were very accommodating and allowed us to do this which was very special to Siva and Anjana.  They also wrote the seller a wonderful thank you note which was the cherry on top.

When we finally were able to deliver keys to this beautiful family, we took a moment to recognize all the hard work that they put into making both the sale of their home and the purchase of their new home such a memorable event. We are so proud of you and your family Siva & Anjana and we look forward to the dinners and Bollywood films our families will enjoy together one day soon!

Jason & Kristin Anderson

ADU Specialist Broker + Earth Advantage Principal Broker

We are a dedicated husband and wife real estate team with a diverse upbringing & an appreciation for local & international backgrounds. What Jason & I love most about Real Estate is making those deep connections with our clients by listening to their goals and serving as their guides through their home sale/purchase journey. We stand by our 3 principles to keep things:
  1. Simple
  2. Stress Free
  3. You Get the Best Deal in the Least Amount of Time
Jason: I am a rugged Jamaican/Oregonian who loves nature and the city. My family immigrated to the US when I was 13 and ever since then Oregon has become my home as well as my adventure playground. When I am not fighting hard for my clients as their guide in this ever evolving Real Estate Market, I am an avid surfer and snowboarder. All year round I have been blessed to find some of Oregon's best set ups for waves. There's nothing quite like Oregon's sandy coastline that brings in a wide range of waves. During deep of winter, you can find me taking breaks from laps at Timberline lodge with a good IPA in hand. For those powder days I make sure to head to Meadows or Skibowl with my snorkel so I stay afloat. Aside from my love of high adrenaline sports, I have a deep passion for interior & exterior plantscaping/gardening. Along with gardening I love learning about bees and their pivotal role in the world. I received my Master bee Keeping Apprentice and have been fascinated with them ever since. I love sharing life with out clients and showcasing Oregon's gorgeous neighborhoods, landscape, its abundant activities and never ending delicious eateries. Kristin & I work hard to help our clients have an amazing journey in the sale/purchase of their home. This is a huge decision for our clients and we don't take our role lightly. Our goal is to be your realtor for life and bring a smile to your face at the end of each and every transaction. Kristin: I was born in Jamaica, grew up in the Philippines & raised by American parents who now live in Chaing Rai, Thailand. About 6 years ago, I was in Thailand visiting family and was trying to figure out what was the next adventure I wanted to go on. I pulled up my laptop and typed in Google: “Where to live in America that is near the ocean, mountains, and has great public transportation.” Portland, OR kept popping up. So, I bought myself a one way ticket and haven’t regretted it since. I have been a nomad for most of my life, living in 7 countries and traveling through 25. Portland has continued to keep me planted due to its magnetic force that brings people from all over the country & the world together; great food, creative cocktails, & beautiful landscape. Some cities have a way of making you feel swallowed up, Portland has a magical way of making you feel at home from the minute you arrive. Once I found my bearings in Portland, I quickly fell in love with Real Estate. As a kid, we all had a theme of Christmas ornaments, mine were always mini houses. I’ve always had an appreciation for the architectural design of homes, and the meaning of what “home” can mean to each person. My home was wherever my family was growing up, and there’s something pretty amazing about seeing a permanent space reflect the meaning of “home.”
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