Blog Stories Shop Talk Vol. 2: The Value of Home Staging

Shop Talk Vol. 2: The Value of Home Staging

By Aryne + Dulcinea, May 21, 2018

The world of real estate can be highly nuanced. For example, we frequently field questions from sellers regarding the distinction between a decorated home and a staged home. Your home may be immaculate, but even if your home décor is worthy of a spread in Dwell magazine, it might not be optimal for the real estate market. Homes take on the personality of their owners, who adapt their properties to fit their lifestyle. While personal touches can create a feeling of warmth, research shows that these factors can make it more challenging for potential buyers to visualize their lives in the space, which ultimately decreases the property’s market value. Home staging specialists work to optimize the property for resale, allowing sellers a faster and more profitable transaction.



According to a 2017 study conducted by National Association of REALTORS®, the benefits of home staging have been perceived by a vast margin of real estate professionals. The noted impacts of professional home staging include:

More Effective Showings: 77% of buyers reported it was easier to visualize a property as a future home after it was staged.
Time on Market: 62% of respondents claimed home staging reduced time on market.
Perceived Valued of Home: 47% respondent reported an increase of 1-10% in the dollar value of the home. None of the respondents noted any decrease in value following home staging.



In order to achieve an aesthetic that is enticing to buyers, Aryne + Dulcinea will give you the tools you need to prepare for home staging specialists. They will walk you through how to declutter and clean the home, perform minor repairs and touch ups, freshen up with paint so home staging specialists can come in with on-trend décor and ensure optimal furniture placement. Staging has been found to be most effective when performed in living room, kitchen, master bedroom, and the dining room. Your home staging specialists will develop an impactful staging strategy based on the size and layout of your home.



The cost of home staging services varies significantly based on the scope of the project and whether you live in your home or if it is vacant. Ask Aryne + Dulcinea to coordinate a staging consultation before you list your home for an optimal listing experience.


About Us:
Over the course of their professional partnership, Aryne + Dulcinea have helped over 200 clients prosper in their new lives. During this time, they have prided themselves in their top-notch selling abilities, with homes outperforming market standards, consistently exceeding list price while most of their listings sell in under 7 days. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, Aryne & Dulcinea will work in collaboration to guide you in investing in your future and reaching your real estate goals.


Aryne + Dulcinea

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Aryne + Dulcinea are full-service, high-producing agents, who understand how to navigate the unique challenges facing the Portland real estate market. The secret to their success is in their professionalism and complementary skill sets. In 2012, Aryne + Dulcinea saw an opportunity to combine their creative and technical wisdom to create a values-driven, full-service agency unlike any other. Expert negotiators and project management mavens with a strong background in creative marketing, Aryne + Dulcinea serve as fierce advocates for their clients. 

Their passion for real estate relates closely to their commitment to the Portland way of life, which entails a dedication to sustainability and appreciation for all things local. As Earth Advantage Brokers and ADU Certified Specialists, Aryne + Dulcinea are savvy in all aspects of alternative living practices—from versatile housing additions, green building practices, and revenue-generating strategies. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, Aryne & Dulcinea will work in collaboration to guide you in investing in your future and reaching you real estate goals.

Aryne greets working with clients throughout Portland with open arms. Licensed since 2005, she appreciates the ever shifting desires her clients have as they move through their real estate goals. Investigative genius on her side, Aryne will strive to bring you the results you desire.  When not working for you, Aryne is a constant cheerleader for her son and daughter’s pursuits on the basketball court and on the ballet stage! She practices yoga, hikes, loves to walk and explore Portland neighborhoods, reads, and delights in soaking up everything Portland has to offer! 

Dulcinea thrives on working with clients with a range of real estate goals.  Oregon born, with a design and an award-winning professional background, Dulcinea is steadfast when it comes to working for her clients and has a keen eye for properties that best serve client objectives. Licensed since 2013, Dulcinea works in and around Portland.  A mother of two and wife to her high school sweetie—in her free time she stays busy with her family, travel, community activism, exploring the outdoors, curating art shows, and dreaming big!

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