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Soup Season

By Living Room Realty, November 2, 2018

Fall is divine.

October brings that morning when all of a sudden the air shifts. It smells different. It feels different.

There is a nibble in the air. It is not yet a bite, but it’s coming.

One by one the leaves turn their glow-y oranges, golden yellows, fire engine reds and tumble from the trees, crunching under foot like potato chips.

The first rain washes the memory of summer away like it never happened. Furnaces are turned on, fireplaces are filled with crackling flames and soup season opens.

Soup season usually begins in mid to late October and the house is filled with the smell of roasting chicken or Italian sausage — whichever meat I choose to throw in the simmering pot of homemade chicken broth. Carrots. Onions. Celery. Garlic. Beans. Peas. Corn. Thyme. Salt. Pepper. Noodles (sometimes). Parmesan rind for depth. Envision lifting the refrigerator and dumping it into the simmering pot. I call it Kitchen Sink soup.

We eat it for days and sometimes we freeze it. And sometimes we top it with crispy bread crumbs.

When that first batch of soup is made it means fall is no longer on its way, it has arrived.

And it did last weekend. In a giant vat of hearty soup.


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