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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

By Ash Jimenez, May 31, 2023

Here are 5 things you need to do to get your home ready for spring.

Hi, I’m Ash Jimenez, I’m the Maintenance Manager and General Contractor for the Living Room Fixer’s maintenance team.

We’ve reached that time of year where the weather is getting warmer & dryer, kinda. With that in mind here’s a seasonal spring checklist to help you prepare your home for what will hopefully be the warmer dryer months ahead.

1. Get Those Windows Looking Fresh!

Wash exterior windows and install or repair screens as needed. This will give you the best view of all that beautiful sunshine and make sure no unwanted little friends make their way into your home when you’re leaving those windows open to let nature be your AC unit.

2. Inspect The Roof & Gutters

Roofs are expensive to replace, patch or fix. Help keep them tip top and extend their longevity by removing moss, checking for damage and giving them an overall cleaning. While you’re up there check the gutters to make sure there are no clogs or obstructions. Clogged gutters often lead to water being directed up under your roof, which is bad news bears.


3. Clean Yard Furniture & Grill

With spring comes BBQ season and you don’t wanna be caught off guard when that impromptu gathering pops off at your house. Plan ahead by removing all pitch or other unsavory winter collection from your yard furniture as well as scrubbing & cleaning your grill now, so it’s ready when the party is.


4. Take Your Driveway & Sidewalks To The Spa

Power wash your driveways and sidewalks to not only make them look nice by removing staining, but also alleviates hazards such as moss & leaf residue that can be a slip or falling hazard.


5. Refresh The Yard!

Tidy up  landscaping and flower beds… give the walkways some TLC. We recommend power washing those as well.


Call Us Today!

The Living Room Fixers are a full service Maintenance team that can assist you with any of these services and many more. If you have any questions or inquiries, call us today, chances are we can fix it.  


Ash Jimenez

Maintenance Manager, Licensed Contractor in OR, Property Management


From as early on as I can remember I was climbing trees, keeping up with my brothers and had an insatiable curiosity for knowledge and skills. As the baby of the family, and a girl at that, I have always wanted to occupy spaces that I was told weren't for me. Born a stubborn and wily girl I had no choice but choose a non-traditional path. Several years ago I attended Oregon Tradeswomen to start the journey. I completed the rigorous 7 week pre-apprenticeship program and went on to start building my tool library and developing skills at REACH Community Development. Little did I know that I would really enjoy the property management aspect as well. I LOVE helping others! Every day I went to work I was able to help residents; I got to be a hero after every repair. While I enjoyed what I was doing at REACH and the communities I was able to serve, I had more work to do. I was given a full scholarship to PCC and started the welding program, specializing in TIG. I landed a job with a small fab company and honed my welding skills, fabricating retail fixtures for NIKE and Adidas. I was the only woman who worked at the shop. Imagine my delight in coming to LRPM, which is a team of rad ladies! When I wasn't welding, painting or fixing things, we were planning our wedding. I got hitched in June at Cape Perpetua on the coast and we couldn't be more excited about our upcoming honeymoon in Spain this April. I've been in Portland for over 8 years and know that this is where I call home. You can often find me teaching a class or two a month for Girls Build empowering other strong, wily and stubborn girls, volunteering with Oregon Tradeswomen, trying the newest restaurant, listening to records with my cat, dreaming up the next overseas adventure, or making food for friends. I am so lucky to call this city home and thrilled to be working for a company like Living Room that reflects my values. CCB# 231017
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