Blog Stories The 1st House Became Their 1st Home!

The 1st House Became Their 1st Home!

By Living Room Realty, September 17, 2018

The 1st house became their 1st home!

Jessica and Chris have been working on their goals to become first time home owners for a little while.  We planned to meet up at the office to go over what I call the “standards and expectations” meeting.  Two days before our meeting, their home popped up on their on-line search.  What came next is their success story!

“Is it a good idea to buy the first home we see?”

This was the first home we toured, and it was ‘the one’ for them.  While considering their options and expectations, they pretty much instantly let me know that this was the house they’ve been working for.  “Is it a good idea to buy the first home we see?”, Jessica had asked me.  My response was and always is, if the home you fall for fits the criteria you’ve set, the financial side aligns, and makes your heart happy, then it’s absolutely a good idea!

Knowing their hearts were already ‘home’, we crunched numbers together, then came up with a winning offer.  For the record, there were no competing offers.  The property offer price had just lowered, and the timing worked out perfectly for these two.  Jessica, an assistant for over 6 years in the mortgage lending industry, knew about the behind the scenes reality of home buying.  Having that background helped ease some of the stress that buyers can experience when buying their first home.  Not only were we able to help save them stress, we were also able to save them thousands by having their closing costs covered!

Very little money came out of Chris and Jessica’s pockets which translates to a happy start for this soon to be newlywed couple!  Big thanks to Jessica for remembering that I’m a Realtor!  She and I go way back together as past repeat colleagues spanning over 16 years.  We both had a good laugh knowing that we never would have guessed back in our days at Dairy Queen and Hilton that She’d be buying a home and I’d be the one helping her.  Thank you Jess, nothing feels better than helping you!



If you’d like help buying, selling, or small space planning, I’d love to be a part of your team too!


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