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The Debate Rages On!

By Living Room Realty, April 13, 2018

Old homes vs. newly built homes have been debated since homes have been being built.  Are there pros and cons to each…Of course there are!  Is there a right answer for you…Of course there is!  As the buyer, you have to know what is right for you and your needs personally and financially.  New homes offer a great opportunity for first time buyers to start living without the immediate concerns of some of challenges that can accompany older homes.

Our clients, Anne and Christian have spent every weekend over the past several months looking for the perfect starter home for their family after having spent the past six years in S. Korea teaching English.  They love many of the charming characteristics that they have seen in the older homes, however they have experienced through inspections what one can find in older homes and sometimes it is not good.  For them, they decided that new was right for their family.

While your search has been lengthy and filled with ups and downs, we are thrilled for your family! Congratulations on your NEW home!

Now let the debate continue!

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