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The McDonald Mission

By Living Room Realty, June 12, 2019

The McDonalds are my mission in real estate – they are why I love my job! I met Earl a few years back when they were looking for an investment property. I helped them get a house with a detached ADU on it that had great long term renters. Fast forward to March of this year when they shared with me that their family grew from 5 people to 6 people, and they were looking for a new place to call home. Their current home was lovely, but it was time for them to find a little more space with some upgraded amenities. We looked at a few homes that were so-so, but then we saw Plover. It was really beautiful. It backs up to a public park with tons of greenspace, gardens, soccer fields and playgrounds… a perfect location for a family with 4 kids. I distinctly remember Earl and Brianna saying “I don’t even know if we deserve this nice of a house?” Right then and there, it became my mission to get them into it and change their mind. Plover had been on the market for about a month, so we excitedly thought there was a chance that our contingent offer might get accepted… but then a non-contingent competing offer came in… ours was put into back-up. We picked up our bootstraps and moved on.

Going through the offer experience cemented for Earl and Brianna that they definitely wanted to sell their home and buy up. So we started to get their home ready. Earl and Brianna were machines! They did such an amazing job getting their home ready – it was an all out family effort and it was spectacular. We hadn’t been seeing any good homes come on the market, however, and it was a little scary taking such a leap to sell without knowing what options would come up. A few days before their home was about to hit the market, we got a call from the Plover agent. We got a second chance!! The first buyers got cold feet, even after an incredible inspection on the home… it was meant to be Earl and Brianna’s, we were certain!

Two weeks into Earl and Brianna’s home being on the market with great activity but no offers, we got a little nervous. We only had a total of 3 weeks to have an accepted offer on their home before we’d be moved to a bumpable status and the listing agent could solicit offers again on Plover! Long story short, we received multiple offers on their home, had to go to their back-up offer, which was also contingent, and the dream of Plover seemed farther and farther. The buyers of Earl and Brianna’s home had an adorable condo in South Tabor, but it wasn’t getting offers either! Days before we were about to throw in the towel on the whole deal, the buyers got an offer on their condo and the buyers of the condo showed some serious commitment. With a lot of flexibility on the listing agent’s side of Plover and a lot of dedication on the buyers agent side of Earl and Brianna’s house, we made it happen. It was a game of Dominoes, but my very special clients sold their house one day and bought a house the next day.

I couldn’t be happier for this incredible family and their tenacity to get what they deserve, all the while leaving it up to the universe for whatever was meant to be. We went through a journey together and are forever connected. Thank you for representing my mission and trusting me to represent you in this complicated process. All my love, gratitude, and congratulations, McDonalds!

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