Blog Stories The Odds are In Your Favor.

The Odds are In Your Favor.

By Gabrielle Enfield, October 1, 2019

Every real estate sale is different. That’s a big part of why I love this job so. Dang. Much.

For Amy, she knew the basics of what to expect and worked hard to be a “student of real estate” — attending First Time Homebuying classes provided by the state. Asking her lender all the questions she needed to know confidently move forward with her purchase. And of course, I was by her side to inform her of her options to purchase. I was so excited to get her the keys to her new home that is not only a great option for her, but a long-term solid investment.

Did you know that homeowners’ net worth is on average 44x greater than that of a renter? Wow. Read more here.

Working with first time homebuyers is some of the most rewarding work I do. I remember what it’s like – it’s a huge decision with a LOT of dollar signs attached. My promise to my partners is that I will be there – with resources, with answers, with advice, with hot coffee and a hug (I love hugs), if you need it. We’re entering a market cool down and the market continues to balance in favor of buyers. Interest rates are low. And while buyers are stepping up to the plate to take advantage of purchasing in today’s economic climate, you won’t see the level of competition that was taking place in the peak summer months. If you’ve had any interest in learning more about the market and how you fit in, please reach out. I’ll keep the coffee on.

Till then, high fives,

Gabrielle Enfield


After spending 20 years in marketing and communications – ranging from anchoring the local TV news to leading teams for some of the world’s beloved brands, including Xbox and Dave’s Killer Bread – I finally listened to the universe’s prompts to become a real estate broker. Since, I've consistently delivered results and happiness and according to my clients, a 5-star experience along the way. Working in real estate in one of the nation's hottest markets, I understand the important decision of choosing an agent. My goal is to apply my myriad experiences, both personally and professionally, to help guide my clients through a thoughtful, strategic, seamless and fun journey. Need staging help? I can do that. Looking to purchase a vacation property and need it to generate rental income? Roger. Are you a first-time buyer who needs a steady hand to help guide you through the real estate process? I've got you covered. Moving to PDX and need a proxy to get to know Rose City? Let's do this. I'm a PacNW native and proud resident of North Portland, where I'm raising my family. I was practically born with a tool belt on: my Dad is a retired custom designer and builder, my uncle is an architect and my Grandpa was a Realtor and developer. I am an active listener, have a keen eye for "good bones",  and solving my client's real estate needs in a creative and often unexpected way brings me joy. Plus, the lasting relationships formed are cherries on the sundae! Please give me a call - I'd love to see what it would be like to partner with you.
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Gabrielle Enfield

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