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The Open House

By Nichole Connelly, January 22, 2020

For fourteen years, the big orange house on the corner was an open house for all to enter. No matter how many crossed through the front door, they would always be greeted with a tight hug, a cocktail, a warm heart and whatever food was being prepared. Never turned away, always staying much later than they expected- the home was a safe haven for all. Even with a growing son, the house was far too large for the two of them and she knew it was time to move onto the next chapter. One closer to her growing son’s soon to be high school, one with new opportunities and memories, a new place to call home and start fresh. I watched as the walls were stripped of their color; muted into a house from a home. The pictures removed from the walls- revealing what the sun had not touched in years, and peacefully pulled down memories from the storage space. I am a true believer that it’s the person that makes a house a home.. and so.. with countless hours of laughter and tears, we bid a farewell to the house and thank it for its grace it’s offered many. I love you friend, and I look forward to your next chapter in life, I wish you ease and blessings- for you certainly deserve it.

Nichole Connelly

Broker Licensed in OR & WA

Driven, passionate and all done with a sense of humor. Nichole’s love for people will shine through the moment you meet her. With more than 15 years in the finance industry, she not only knows the in and outs of lending, affordability and marketing; she has a solid understanding of how to blend aggressive negotiations with kindness and integrity to get the optimal result for her clients. An Oregonian native- Nichole grew up in the Willamette valley, went to college in Eugene and finished up in Portland in 2004. Her love for unique architecture and the joy in finding “the perfect home” logically led her to becoming a Realtor. Nichole prides herself on representing individuals and families from all walks of life, and is passionate to create an equal opportunity- especially when buying a home. From starter homes, to investment properties- her attention to detail, experience, quick response time and genuine desire to please her clients will be a continued asset to both sides of the sales process.
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