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I Think We Can, I Think We Can, Buy a House

By Living Room Realty, May 25, 2018

I’m not sure how Carissa functions most nights, knowing she was up saving lives in the ER the night before. But not only was she awake, she was relentless in their pursuit of a home in their favorite neighborhood. When we connected, they had been looking for a year. We knew we needed a new strategy, and we knew we had to be pliable. Did we seek out a fixer, probably not? Did we land on a fixer? You BET. Getting the home of your dreams, in the location you want, with enough room and the finishes you want is rarely in the budget. Picking two out of the three priorities is a much safer bet.

I am SO proud of them for having the vision to see this through! The paint samples are abounding and the demo is set to start! Designing your own home can be stressful, sure. But it can also be very rewarding on many levels, both financially and otherwise.

Congrats Carissa and Justin! Thank you for letting me be a part of this epic adventure!

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