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Three Reasons the Holidays are a Great Time to Sell Your House

By Erika George & Kari McGee, September 23, 2019

Between planning your Thanksgiving meal and making a holiday shopping list, it may seem like a bad idea to list your house. However, many buyers are eager to look for a new house during the holidays, and they are often motivated to close quickly. We’ve outline three top reasons the holidays are a great time to sell a house.


1. Less Competition

Most people who planned ahead to sell their house in 2018 have sold during the previous spring and summer. That means there’s less competition for people selling their house at the end of the year in November and December. It’s a great time for a new listing.


2.  People are Actively Shopping for a New House

Every year we sell a lot of real estate in the last few months of the year! That’s because people are out there shopping! We have a few theories about why people are shopping for houses in November and December:

  • People have settled into their autumn routine. In September and October there’s less bandwidth for real estate. People are focused on their school and work routine. By November, people are settled and antsy to buy if they haven’t purchased a new home yet.
  • Thanksgiving weekend families are out shopping. It’s like the Black Friday shopping fever has extended to real estate. Time and again we sell real estate Thanksgiving weekend. People are happy and fed, and want to go on house tours. With extended family in town, they often want to get a second opinion on homes. A house tour really becomes a family affair, and that energy can translate into closing quickly.
  • Families are willing to change schools in the New Year. Parents tend to be concerned about putting their kids in a new school mid-October, but the winter holiday marks a major break in the school year. Many parents feel that the New Year will be an easier time to make the change for their kids.


3. Investors Have a Deadline: December 31

Many investors who want to buy in 2018 need to do it by December 31 for tax purposes. These investors are actively shopping and they have cash to spend. It’s a great opportunity to close quickly on the sale of your house.

Are you considering selling your house, but not sure if it’s the right time for you? Give us a call or email – we are happy to chat about your options!

Want more insight on the best time to sell your house? The lifestyle website House Method recently interviewed us for an article on the best time to sell your house and why.

Erika George & Kari McGee

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