Blog Stories Trading Baseball Caps & Sport Jerseys for Skullcaps & Flannel

Trading Baseball Caps & Sport Jerseys for Skullcaps & Flannel

By Stacy Stokes, August 3, 2018

Congratulations to Jenny and Brian who just purchased a lovely house in NE Portland with a detached ADU (accessory dwelling unit).  They are moving to Portland from Boston.  Jenny’s parents are making the move with them and will be living in the ADU. 

When I asked Jenny and Brian why they picked Portland for their new home, they let me know they wanted a more relaxed pace to life.  They love Portland’s culture and the fact that not everyone is in a rush.  Portland locals enjoy free days of leisure that may begin with a hike, then lunch, shopping, and topped with a trip to a favorite brew pub.  Over the two week period of house hunting, we discussed the differences between Boston and Portland.  In the end, we decided that photos speak louder than words. Jenny showed me a photo of a crowd gathered in a Boston bar.  The photo showed locals dressed in Red Sox jersey’s and baseball caps. I found a photo of a crowd gathered in Portland bar, dressed completely in flannel shirts with or without black skullcaps. I guess we are more Portlandia than we think.  Jenny and Brian, we are happy to have you among us!

Stacy Stokes

Principal Broker | Earth Advantage | OR & WA


I love Portland! It’s such a smart and accessible city. After moving here in 1996 to begin law school, I soon decided that there was nowhere else I would rather live. Finding a fit here in all aspects of life has been easy. My number one love is spending time with my two kids, Jake (9 yr. old) and Hanna (12 yr. old), my dog, K2 who is a Havanese, and cat, Tiga. Beyond that, you can find me cycling, rock climbing, running, hiking, skiing, volunteering in the community or exploring new corners of the city and new restaurants with my friends. I am always excited to show visitors the unique and funky neighborhoods Portland has to offer. I am especially drawn to the various architecture and offerings of the close-in east side and west side neighborhoods. After 3 years as an attorney/public defender, I came to the realization that Real Estate was the place for me. It allows me to constantly share the love I have for Portland’s houses and communities as well as to use my talent for helping others. Although, I’m a seasoned real estate broker, I believe that my background as an attorney has provided an invaluable platform off which to build my career. I have a firm understanding of what it means to put my client’s interests first, the art of negotiation and various contractual issues that arise in real estate transactions. Aside from these strengths, I realize that when buying a house it’s not just about finding the best structural fit but also finding the best lifestyle and neighborhood fit for you. I will listen to and truly understand your needs, find you the right home and close the deal to your satisfaction. Throughout the process, I will educate, advise and steadily guide you through what can often be an emotional and challenging time. In the end, my goal is that you have many years of happiness and peace knowing you’re in the best home and best community for you.
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