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TRANSITIONS: A Letter from Jenelle Isaacson

By Living Room Realty, January 25, 2020

A YOGA INSTRUCTOR RECENTLY asked our class to slow down and pay attention to the transitions between poses. I felt defensiveness building immediately. If I’m honest, transitions in my life often leave me hurried, reluctant, distracted, stressed, and irritable. Also, I always seem to prolong them, causing more stress. Any mom knows the sting and frustration of failure to transition kids out the door to catch a bus.

It’s an exercise I’m certain only a Zen Master could execute without losing their cool occasionally.

I think when people say they don’t like change, it’s actually the tran- sition. Moving from one thing to another is where the discomfort lies. I’ve learned to stop looking at blank space between appointments as opportunities to cram more in, and instead schedule healthy transition time to keep me more productive and reduce stress. Arriving 10 minutes early to an appointment gives me a small break to read a few pages of my book, or run into a neighbor and have a quick chat. Transitions can become the magic.

As real estate agents, we are experts in making the in-between more manageable. Agents often meet people in the midst of major milestones. Whether it be marriage, birth, divorce, death, first homes, or moves to a new city, we become intimately involved with our clients. Having the knowledge and experience to assist with the shift from one home to another provides tremendous value.

One of the most challenging transitions happens when someone has to leave a home they’ve loved for years because of age or declining health. There are few options outside costly assisted living develop- ments. Often, they are forced to leave their community and friendships they’ve spent a lifetime building. Modern condos frequently fill up
with mature buyers seeking a transition between their house and fully assisted living. However, condos aren’t for everyone, and many aren’t designed with aging in mind.

The Canyons is a forward-thinking residential development that sees this transition in a whole new light. They provide housing that’s a step between fully assisted and independent. The Canyons offers “barrier free” living, with features such as: curbless showers to accommodate wheelchairs and a trained EMT on site. Smart and accessible, The Canyons is addressing the need for inclusive rental housing for anyone, any age, who wants a modern, accessible apartment designed for com- fort, connection, and safety. Everyone is welcome.

Living Room is teaming up with The Canyons to offer rental services to residents who want to keep their current home. Having a rental can offset the cost of monthly payments in their new home and keeps the option open to move back.

Is there a transition we can help you make? If you can imagine what you want, but don’t know how to get there, call us. We will help you develop a plan with the best results and least amount of stress. It’s in the transition that we will seek to bring the grace and balance of life’s major changes. Find out more about the Canyons on p.10.



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