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Viva Vancouver!

By Shannon Dooley, July 1, 2020

Portland is great, I think we can all agree on that. But have you been to Vancouver lately? With summer here it’s the perfect time to explore this little gem hovering over Portland – there are tons of parks and recreation trails.

Here’s my sunny day recommendation:

Don’t forget your mask and sanitizer!

Start in downtown Vancouver at Kafiex Roasters and get your favorite coffee to go. Check out Esther Shore Park (the oldest public square in the state!). Jump on the Columbia River Renaissance Trail and enjoy some or all of the five mile trail that will take you along the river toward Wintler Park. The trail is good for walking, biking, skating or however it is you like to get around. On a clear day there are great views of the bridges and Mt. Hood. You can find lots of shops and restaurants along the trail if that’s your thing, but for the time being I’d plan to be flexible or consider take-out and a bench.

While you’re cruising the trail check out some of the many neat-o things that you’ll come across like Old Apple Tree Park. Ok, I know it doesn’t sound super interesting, but that old apple tree was planted in 1826, is the matriarch of the WA apple industry, and may damn well be the oldest apple tree in the NW. There’s a festival for it every year where, if you’re lucky, you can even get a cutting from the tree. If old trees aren’t your thing there are lots of little loops and other parks that join the trail – go explore!!

Shannon Dooley

Earth Advantage Broker and ADU Specialist Licensed in OR & WA

Shannon grew up in a real estate family, and as a third generation Realtor it seems that it is actually in her DNA. She spent 18 years working in public service both as a Medic and a City of Portland 9-1-1 Dispatcher, but real estate has always been her passion. Her first investment in Portland area real estate was in 2003 and she has been actively watching and participating in the market since. She believes owning real estate is empowering and wants to see as many people own homes as possible. Shannon’s commitment to honesty and ethical practice is evident to her clients and has earned her the Five Star Professional Rising Star award two years running. As an Earth Advantage Broker and ADU specialist Shannon is happy to talk your ear off about the possibilities that exist and help you determine the route that best suits your real estate goals. When working with clients she always put their best interest first: * Sellers, she will market your home to the largest pool of buyers possible using professional networks and Living Room Realty’s comprehensive marketing. * Buyers, she loves helping you find new homes and working collaboratively with other agents to ensure a positive experience. * First Time Home Buyers, you hold a special place in Shannon’s heart. She takes great pride in taking time to explain the process so you never feel lost and (little secret) she still gets a little teary eyed when she hands over those keys. * Real Estate Investors, she wants to help you build your portfolio. Whether it’s your first investment property or your fifteenth, regardless of the complexity, she’ll have it under control. Having lived in many of Portland’s neighborhoods, Shannon found herself in love with North Portland where she has settled with her husband Craig, their two dogs Arnold and Spencer, and the worlds most talkative cat John Meowkovich. Craig is a licensed home inspector and general contractor by day, but the two of them are always taking on some sort of creative life endeavor. They have started a food truck, purchased and developed a small farm, written and illustrated a children’s book, etc. I think the kids these days would say they, “Can’t stop, won’t stop.” They have a daughter who is currently traveling Europe for several months with her girlfriend – this brings them incredible joy. Shannon loves traveling, meeting new people, attempting to keep house plants alive, exploring Portland neighborhoods, and supporting local businesses.
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