Blog Stories Welcome to Portland, Ella!

Welcome to Portland, Ella!

By Katie Merritt, September 8, 2021




You heard the real estate market was madness. Stories of sacrificial buyers paying double the list price swirled among your friend circles yet, you wisely questioned the veracity of gossip and hysterical headlines.  Inquiry revealed the truth of a market that is hot yet winnable with prudence, level thinking and nary a new Tesla purchased for the seller.

Further kudos to you Ells Bells, for getting into real estate young. At 25, I was surfing, dating surfers and considered myself a high achiever for snagging oceanfront condo caretaker gigs three winters in a row.
Rather than borrowing the dream, YOU are buying it.

I’ll continue the lovefest by wildly saluting the down payment dividends of your frugal lifestyle and your long-game perspective that takes most of us decades longer to gain.

It was pure pleasure representing you.  So what if you were the flower girl in my wedding 100 years ago, I know you had many capable agents to choose from and I thank you for placing your trust in me.



Katie Merritt



As your professional real estate advisor, I focus on client satisfaction. My business is about service and I am not happy until you are happy. My years in the business have provided me the experience to assist you with nearly every real estate need. Whether it's finding you a home, finding the best loan, or helping you getting the most out of selling your home I am here to guide you. If there is anything you need, please let me know.
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