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When clients become friends….

By Britney Marr, February 5, 2019

Look at this cute family!!

Nate and Kaila were referred to me a couple years ago and we found them their perfect starter home. Now wanting a bigger space and some better schools they reached out last fall and we started “our” search for their dream long term home. After a difficult transaction with an MIA lender and 3 extensions (and an amazingly patient listing agent and seller!), we finally closed on their dream home! There were true tears of joy the day we got keys as we popped the champagne corks, ate pizza and played tag with their kids around the empty house. When they insisted I be in the picture as “I was now family” there were tears in my eyes too. There is no better feeling when clients become friends…and family!

Britney Marr

Broker, Buyer's Specialist

Born and raised in Portland, Britney is a native Oregonian who appreciates everything this beautiful state has to offer. A business graduate of Portland State University, she explored different career paths, ultimately deciding her long time interest in real estate is where her passion lies. Many years in the restaurant industry and small business management have taught her unparalleled organizational and communication skills and how to please clients of all kinds. Combining this with her knowledge of the area to help her clients find the perfect home makes her excited to take on any challenge. When not working she can be found hiking in the Columbia Gorge, trying new restaurants in Portland's food scene and volunteering in her sister's 4th grade classroom.
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Britney Marr

Broker, Buyer's Specialist

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