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Why do I do this!?

By Eldridge Huntington, July 31, 2019

I just completed my second real estate license renewal. This means I accomplished the required continuing education credits and took the tests required to keep my real estate license. We have to do this every 2 years. This might seem like a small accomplishment to most. Especially to those seasoned agents who have renewed 10x by now. This was a big deal for me. I took this time to reflect on the last 4 years and look ahead to the next 20. The root question Am I fulfilled? Will this continue to bring me Joy. The answer is yes and the rest will be a part of the journey.
I’d like to share why I do this and hope it helps more folks out there understand why most of us do what we do. In that I hope it helps you find and work with the right Realtor.
I left a Job that I was passionate about, I made good money but I had no time with my family. I knew I had to make a change to be the Father and Husband I envisioned myself to be. I love design, community building and architecture. Real estate seemed like the way to go. I knew I’d maintain a 60hr work week but at least I could do it with a bit more flexibility to take kids to school, show up to their events and physically support the family when needed. It has taken some time but I’m able to service all of my clients, my business and still be a visible and engaged father and husband. A typical day starts around 6:30a and ends around 7:00p. In that time I’m building my business, showing homes, attending inspections, negotiating repairs and credits, following up with my clients and plotting the path for folks to obtain one of the largest and most emotional purchases of their life. If this sounds like a lot it’s because it is. There are layers to each one of those elements of which are only the basics to the day. It takes a lot of organization and a lot of adaptation. I’ve been in transactions where I felt I didn’t make the best decision and let me tell you sleep will be lost and you learn how to correct these mis steps. I can’t help but to own these responsibilities and understand all of what is at stake. This in part is what brings me joy. Knowing we have a team and plan in place that will get you there. When we are done, you have a safe home to start making memories in and when I hand over those keys that rush washes over you and I feel I’ve helped you start a very important and positively life changing chapter of your life. I’ve watched people get married, have children, move their aging parent in, create something new and beautiful out of something that was beat and lifeless.
So, among all this madness of the business two things keep me going. 1. Knowing I’m helping people 2. Knowing my family. The day I can no longer be a help making a positive change in peoples life will be the day I decide to hang it up. That rush of energy, accomplishment and Joy felt when you hand over those keys to their new home is all there is. Be a Realtor, a firefighter, teacher, mechanic or whatever you desire. My only hope for you is that you find and do it with purpose. It will change your life.

Eldridge Huntington


My name is Eldridge D Huntington III: a name I’m very proud to have even if it doesn’t exactly fit my personality. My family and friends call me JR. It’s a long story, but the short answer to the short name is Dallas. I was born in Fargo, raised in Detroit, lived in Chicago for 11 years, and now I’m truly home in Portland. Real estate was not my first career. I studied film at Columbia College. Although I was more interested in cinematography I found I was better suited as a Producer. Assembling and managing crews, scheduling, accounting and being a part of a project from the idea to the time it hits the screen was extremely fulfilling. After 7 years of producing I began working in the art department creating, designing and bringing sets to life.  I worked on Major motion pictures like Nightmare on Elm street, Public Enemies, Time travelers wife, Wild, Grimm and Librarians. With a background in design and long history of managing multiple high level projects I have found a perfect balance as a Realtor. I love multi-tasking, working with a team to pull off amazing feats and using an analytical approach creatively. I moved to Portland in 2009 with my wife Gina. We currently live in the Portsmouth neighborhood with our two daughters, Estelle and Etta. We purchased our first family home in 2011. We found a little yellow bungalow with a cedar fence and fell deeply in love with it at first sight. We attempt to be gardeners in the summer and rehab addicts during the winter. Most of my spare time is well spent making memories with these wonderful people and working on the house. My favorite things about Portland are the access to natural beauty, outstanding food, the kind and adventurous people and the beer.
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