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Wife Wins Gold With Mountain Getaway Home

By Robin Hakeman, December 26, 2019

If there were ever a healthy competition between husband and wife to find the “perfect” mountain getaway home, this story is it.

Stage 1: Training

Good friends contact me with news – “Our financial planner says we are in a good position to buy a mountain getaway home at¬† – let’s do it!”

“Great!” I say.. and get to work. We talk about budget and the differences between cabins on leased land vs. residential land. We also discuss their vision for the mountain getaway home:

Husband: in the woods, on a creek, rustic, logs for walls, no one around, close to the mountain, space for family.

Wife: not too far into the woods, modern amenities like washer/dryer for wet ski clothes, a functional kitchen, clean, no rodents, maybe a neighborhood pool.

Me: I’ll see what I can do ūüėČ

Stage 2: The game, score 0-0

We make plans to see 7-8 homes on a summer weekend and make the drive up to the mountain. On day 1 we see a few cabins on leased land. One is a 1990’s build with no character and not enough space. Another is a dreamy 1930’s A-frame right on the Zig-Zag river but inside is a mouse nest and a loft that resembles an orphanage. Next we see a few homes that are too close to 26, one that might be a mobile home, another with a kitchen in the bedroom.

The last home of the day has a peaked roof with a wall of windows and gorgeous woodwork. The kitchen is clean and the home is furnished with log style beds and cozy furniture. It is the perfect combination of cabin style with modern amenities.  Wife is feeling excited but there are too many neighbors for husband and the house goes pending the next day.

We make a few more trips like this in the coming months. One afternoon we visit a cabin on leased land that sits right on a river, not too far into the woods. The home has been restored to perfection. It is smaller than they envisioned but what it lacks in space it makes up for in charm. They are in love. This could be a win for both of them. The only problem is that it is just slightly over their leased land cash budget. The home goes pending the same day.

After a few more trips and homes that get away, both are feeling defeated. While they have both seen homes they love, they just aren’t quite right for their family. It has become clear that rustic leased land cabins won’t work for wife, but husband is not loving¬† residential homes. Will they have to miss out on a mountain getaway home this ski season?

Stage 3: Overtime

It’s now mid-November and things are looking dire. They get a bug to see a fixer home on a river and we make plans to go up. I send them one final home neighborhood home just in case they want to see it, and they do. The fixer home smells like pot with ski bums sleeping on floor mattresses and we can’t get out of there fast enough. It’s dark and raining by the time we see the final house but the street is nice and it’s warm inside. Recently remodeled with a great kitchen, two family rooms and enough space for a bunk room + guests, wife says… “Now this one I like!” And husband says:


This isn’t the cabin in the woods that husband initially dreamed about but with a nice large yard and a happy wife, he is willing to make the compromise. We write a competitive offer and get under contract immediately. The inspections come with their own set of issues and after two extensions and many contractors later, it is looking like they will need to walk away. I send over the termination, along with one final addendum. It comes as a shock to all of us when the seller accepts their large credit request – SCORE!!!!

Over the holidays they plan to make the repairs and get all moved into their mountain getaway home. I get to help with decorating and cannot wait for this wonderful family to make memories here for years to come!!!



Robin Hakeman


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One of the things Robin loves most about her work in real estate is that it never feels like "work" to her. After working as a merchandise manager for some top local apparel and home brands she found her way to real estate and will never look back. She is that rare combination of business smarts meets creativity and her skills are well suited for real estate. She has the analytical background necessary to help both buyers and sellers with numbers and negotiation, as well as the creative vision to help clients best prepare their homes for sale. As a native Oregonian, Robin has lived in NW Portland and NE Portland and the SW suburbs. She has worked in areas all over the city and has seen the changes to the area over the last 10+ years. When she's not at the office or out with clients, you can find her taking a barre3 class, hiking, enjoying family time, volunteering at a school and enjoying local theater arts. Robin is passionate about understanding the needs of each client and will work hard to help you realize your goals. She is dedicated to being a complete resource for you before, during and after your home purchase or sale. One of the aspects of this process that she values the most is the relationships she builds with her clients. Buying or selling a home can be stressful and Robin is here to work though it all with you.    
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Robin Hakeman

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