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Winter is coming – friendly reminders on how to rest

By Sarah Grumbling, December 14, 2021

Just around the bend is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year. Here in Portland we feel that all too well when the daylight hours tend to expire just after 4pm. And while many folks are dipping back into some of the familiar festivities of the holiday season, it is always a good time to hear the gentle reminder that if you are tired, exhausted, overwhelmed, not feeling particularly festive, or feel pressured to do more than your system wants, it’s probably because this time of year is a time when our mammalian selves are needing more and more rest. i.e. ~ that is perfectly normal!!

I read a great quote recently that I will paraphrase here ~ we don’t need to earn rest, it’s not a reward or a prize for working so very hard. We are allowed to rest, simply because we are human, without any justification.

In other words, resting is part of being human in this earthly journey and all too often society tells us otherwise.

So, how to rest, when the world is asking of us at record speed? Here is a smattering of my favorite ideas:

-Turn off the lights, light a candle, lay on the floor. Stretch, roll around, lay on a pile of pillows, wrap up in a blanket. Stare at the wall, put your feet on the wall, feel the texture of the rug or carpet or furniture upholstery, lay as still as possible and listen to your own heartbeat or breath…

-Turn OFF (like all the way off) your phone, computer, tv, etc. Not forever, just for 20 minutes or maybe an hour? Tell family members you’re doing this so no one panics. What does it feel like to not have electronic visual/audio stimulation for a bit?

-Cuddle with someone in your covid pod/bubble/someone you feel safe with. Cuddle with your pets. Hold hands. (you can hold hands and wear masks!)

-Take a bath with 4lbs of Epsom salts (yes, the whole package). You’ll feel the difference. Just don’t get it in your eyes!

-Ask for what you need: space, quiet, 20 minutes of alone time, a room to be in, a break from talking if that feels nourishing. Ask for help from family to achieve some restful moments (maybe your spouse or oldest child takes over for half an hour?) and try to return the favor when you are feeling more resourced and recharged.

-Bundle up and sit outside, feel the cool air, rain on your face, gaze at the trees, notice what is growing (and blooming!) this time of year. Take a slow slow walk around your yard. Look at the corners of the space and visit the places you typically don’t. Consider the natural adventure at your doorstep!

Rest can look like so many things, but my favorite go-to’s involve less light, less sound, less “input”, and laying on a firm surface to feel my body stretch. It doesn’t have to be a yoga class, a podcast, Netflix or a “spa day” or maybe it can be those things. It’s going to be what works for you, the things you will naturally do and are already drawn towards. But finding the ways to quiet the mind and listen for what the body is calling for will help us slow down to the natural rhythm of the season and allow us to embrace winter’s darkness and the deep nourishment it provides.

Wishing you deep rest, deep breaths and ease in finding your daily pockets of rest ❤️

Sarah Grumbling

Broker | Earth Advantage | OR


Rooted in delivering authentic client centered service, Sarah is a REALTOR® fueled by a deep love of homes, the stories they hold, and the people who get to create those stories.

Sarah Grumbling has called SE Portland home for 15 years and she couldn’t imagine anywhere else she’d rather be. On a spontaneous road trip to PDX in 2005, she was won over by the beautiful old houses, gardens, parks and amazing proximity to mountains, rivers and the ocean. Three days in, she decided to make a move. Getting to know the rich and vibrant communities, neighborhoods and people over the last 15 years is what makes Portland home today.  Sharing this Portland magic with first time home buyers or newly relocated clients is one of Sarah’s favorite aspects of helping folks find their spot to land. Matching clients with their future home is one of her greatest joys in life — there is nothing like the spark and magic that comes with finding the very place you know deep in your bones is exactly where you are supposed to be: HOME. Similarly, when working with sellers and the homes they have created, there is a sense that each home, each place, bungalow, craftsman, contemporary build or condo is calling out for their match as well — a new guardian to fill the space with fresh energy and create a life with in it. Sarah helps her clients navigate the road from creating their real estate goals to seeing that vision become reality.  Together a plan is crafted to breakdown the home buying or selling process (one that at first, can easily feel overwhelming!) into a one step at a time journey where clients are educated, informed, and know what to expect in our competitive market. It is important that her clients feel heard and understood throughout the entirety of the buying and selling process. Sarah is a detail oriented hard worker and will make sure you understand those contracts before signing. She negotiates to find solutions where everyone feels like they are getting the best deal, a true win-win. She is a firm believer in the wisdom available when clients trust their gut, AND she wants to make sure those guts are fully informed with the latest market data, research and her professional expertise. There is enough room for numbers and magic in real estate. When not showing homes or negotiating contracts, Sarah spends her days tending to her garden, numerous fruit trees and 1920’s bungalow. She loves exploring out in nature and Mt. Tabor is like a second home. You will also find Sarah leading community kirtan (a heart centered yoga practice based in chanting and singing), dancing, practicing aerial silks, loving her sweet 17 year old kitty Jaida, and finding joy in authentic connections.
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