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Happy Valley with a View!

Listen lovers of mid-century, after this transaction, it’s unclear to me why I’m not on this damn hill with a view. The proximity to all the SE’s delights, the plethora of ranches and mid-century architectural gems and lastly… the view! Collin and Anika knew what was up and were ready to expand their beautiful family in the land of Happy. Leaving their cutie, quiet dead-end street was bittersweet, being that they had created quite the life for themselves in their renovated bungalow. With a well-lit one bedroom mother-in-law unit upstairs and a certified back yard habitat, it was tough to top (you’ll see next week, once it goes live). The deciding factor? The vast canopy of trees overlooking the stunning valley view below. From the moment they stepped foot on the property, they knew their baby boy Davis would someday run through those hills, eating wild berries and creating memories. As your family grows, as this city grows, know there is always a place for you here, to be Happy!   

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