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Before and After today

By Living Room Realty, May 4, 2020

As the isolation continues it seems like there is a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s a strange feeling getting used to “what can we do today?” and making a plan to address the question.  Business is still happening.  I have a closing scheduled for today.  A new listing coming in a few weeks.  Clients still holding out for clarification as to their future.  In the past month I’ve accomplished a lot on the home front:

–New landscaping with mulch, river rocks, and gravel.  Power washed the front of the house and porch.

–New paint and replacement glass to our ADU.

–Detailed the cars inside and out.

–Cooked more than I ever imagined I would.

–Did an online safety discussion regarding home showings with the founder of Living Room Realty.

–Multiple walks with the family.  Some as long as 6 miles round trip.  Skateboarding and scooter rides, basketball, lawn work, board games, and one sometimes two movies per day.

We have an arborist coming to trim back and consult on our fruit trees this week.  More home schooling and online guitar lessons to be had.  Zoom meetings left and right.  Taking on new clients and staying safe.

Just a little update on home quarantining with the family here in Southeast.

Also…homemade bread is always better than store bought.


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