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When It’s The One, You KNOW

By Danielle Deschenes, September 4, 2022

I often liken home shopping to falling in love. When you find the home that’s perfect for you, you just know. Chris and Eliza started their home search just like most do, casually looking on the home search websites (you know the ones) and happened to see a home that they just absolutely had to check out. They popped by the open house and fell in love almost instantly. The next day they got in touch and we scheduled a private tour to see if this was really the right fit. 


It checked all the boxes. 3 bedrooms (check), 2 bathrooms (check), perfect size yard not too big and not too small (check), lots of natural light (check), mostly turn key with the opportunity for some sweat equity (check, check), in the same neighborhood as their favorite Realtor (bonus).


The next day we met and over coffee we wrote a competitive offer for the seller that they wouldn’t be able to refuse! I think this was a record, from casually looking to in contract in 7 days. We even closed early, I estimate their entire process from just starting to look to closing was about 35 days. Wow!

Danielle Deschenes

OR Broker | Tenant Placement Specialist


I can't wait to help you navigate the Portland Real Estate Market. Whether you are a first time home buyer, a seasoned investor or somewhere in-between, you can count on me to help you through the process of buying or selling your home! As a 100% Pacific Northwesterner, I love all that this city has to offer (rain and all). Originally from Bothell, Washington I spent most of my life in Retail Management. I started my work career as most do as a courtesy clerk, little did I know I would stick with it well after college. I studied Psychology and Sociology at the University of Washington with an emphasis in Criminology. To this day, I still find myself watching shows that have to do with true and fictional crime. In 2013, my boyfriend and I moved to Salt Lake City, UT with 2 dogs and 2 cats. No easy feat for anyone. There I spent a year working for eBay as a Customer Solutions Agent. My hats off go to those of you that do that work, it is not easy! After 2 years in beautiful Utah, we decided that Portland was the place to be. After coming to visit to look for housing, we knew that we had made the right decision. We fell in love with all this city has to offer. I knew that the great PNW was where I belong, I was home! Over the years I have bought and sold property in Seattle, and we own our home here in SE Portland. I have always loved to look at homes on the internet and would stop by open houses when I drive by them. Hmmm, what better career blends a love for homes and a natural affinity for customer service into one? Here is where my Real Estate venture begins. I want to help you love Portland! What better way than to own your own home? I'm always available to take the very best care of you and anyone you refer to me. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. Let's go grab a coffee or a beer and we can talk about your plans for home ownership in this beautiful city!
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