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A Year on the Hunt

By Living Room Realty, February 15, 2021

Who would have thought that this time last year home prices would be on average 10% less and we would be on the brink of a world-wide pandemic? It’s been the craziest year!

Shirin started her active search a year ago, March 2020, with a clear criteria. She wanted three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms under $385,000 with little work to do. We toured dozens of homes but they just didn’t seem right, and then the Covid-19 shutdown hit and everything was at a standstill.

As the pandemic progressed, the uncertainty made Shirin take a step back to evaluate her position. We can all understand where she was coming from. As a single professional woman, the stakes are high. There’s no one to fall back on in the event of a job loss and more important all responsibilities rest on the homeowner.¬† For Shirin, she wanted a home in an area with welcoming landscapes, space adequate for her extended family to stay and high return on investment.

As the leaves started to turn in Fall 2020, we reengaged in the home search and the uncertainty of the pandemic began to be more predictable. With each weekend of touring homes and writing offers, home prices increased. Competition was steep as we approached the holidays and inventory was at an all time low. Each offer was met with many other offers, all with outstanding elements. We lost out on one home because the winning offer included their first born, kidding! But it sure seemed that there was no chance to win.

After many unaccepted offers the fatigue¬†set in and it started to feel impossible. Shirin decided it was time to take a break and resume in the Spring. As fate would have it after putting home buying on hold, we received a phone call the following morning that one of Shirin’s favorite homes had a sale fail. The “Venetian” as we named it was a stunner! The Italian murals, extravagant chandeliers and ideal layout on a huge lot made this one perfect for Shirin.

Shirin’s offer was accepted! She’s ecstatic to go from apartment dwelling to homeownership and root down with her dog in Portland. Life is good!

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