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We Don’t Want To Waste Your Time

By Kevin Salisbury, October 23, 2021

After 8 years in the real estate industry, I have heard it all. As a Realtor, I am often exposed to the most stressed-out version of each of my clients at one point or another throughout the process. And, since everyone’s timeline, financial situation and overall tolerance of risk is so different, I end up helping my clients work through a variety of different questions, fears, obstacles and decisions. These are the moments that can make or break a Realtor’s level of expertise in my opinion, and are a huge part of why I enjoy what I do. 

I get to be a trusted Advisor for my clients during huge moments of their lives. 

But back to the point. One of the most common phrases I have noticed over the years comes from my Buyer clients, when they tell me they “don’t want to waste my time.” So, I wanted to address that phrase in this blog installment.

Most commonly, I hear this phrase when someone is in the early stages of their home search, and they are still figuring out which locations to target and what budget they want to stay within. The other times I have heard this, is after weeks or months of looking at properties, without finding the right one. 

What I find interesting about both of these scenarios, is that it seems as though people have been conditioned to believe that they shouldn’t call their Realtor, until they are ready to make an offer on a home. Or, that there is a finite period of time that they should be finding their home within. Otherwise, they might be wasting my time. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Having sold nearly 200 homes in my time as a Realtor, I can confidently say that everyone’s timeframe for finding the right property is different. I have had people buy the very first house I showed them, and I have had people take a year or more to find “the one.” Neither instance is right, and neither is wrong. The goal remains the same — finding a property that you connect with and want to purchase!

Sometimes the best way to accomplish this goal, is to see as many homes as possible in person, which can provide super valuable information as to what will or won’t work for you in the property that you purchase. And I LOVE being a part of this process! The better understanding that I have for what your dream home is, or what your goals are for that particular property, the better I can serve you. Being involved in this part of the process also allows me to add my experience and expertise into the mix as well, and hopefully offer some valuable insight that you may not have thought about. 

Either way, the bottom line is that working with you all is an absolute pleasure, and as your trusted real estate advisor, I love being involved in your process for buying or selling a home from start to finish! 

Oh, and it never feels anything close to being a waste of time. 


Kevin Salisbury



Kevin is an Oregon native and University of Oregon graduate, who has a passion for community involvement and betterment. Having lived in Portland for nearly a decade, Kevin has immersed himself in the culture of Portland, and has built a reputation for himself based on hard work and professionalism. Throughout his life, Kevin’s drive has always been motivated by helping others, and he believes that there is no greater feeling than overcoming adversity and reaching a goal. Putting this passion to work in the Real Estate field has proven to be a natural fit, and Kevin’s unrivaled dedication to his clients helps to set him apart in the industry. Kevin takes great pride in being a REALTOR®®, and strives to be an asset to his clients on a consistent basis – before, during and after the purchase or sale of a home. Kevin places a lot of value in the relational aspect of his profession, and his clients appreciate his ability to listen and guide them through the process; showing that that he truly cares. In short, Kevin is an experienced negotiator, industrious by nature, and a true advocate for his clients. Outside of his Real Estate career, Kevin lives in the Cedar Hills neighborhood with his wife Kimmie, and their Yorkie, Otis.  Kevin and Kimmie are small business owners, having opened Miss Knockout – a thriving beauty salon in NW Portland – in 2012.  They are both actively involved in the community, enjoy spending time with family and love traveling to warm destinations together. Having played NCAA Baseball, Kevin is an avid sports fan as well. Kevin’s love for sports has always been driven by his competitive nature, along with his ability to work well with others on a team. He truly believes that the lessons he has learned through playing sports are in fact life lessons, and have a direct correlation to his professional career. If you are looking for a hard-working, energetic REALTOR®® with a wealth of market knowledge, give Kevin a call today!
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