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Give Us All the Shag Carpet!

By Living Room Realty, June 14, 2021

One of the best parts of supporting buyers in home buying is finding the diamond in the rough. For my clients, Heather and Jared they had only a few requirements; large lot, garage and under $400k. They wanted a lot to build a big, no massive, garden and space to tinker or craft. We saw just a few homes, all in fairly good condition, and then we walked through “Grandmas House in Gladstone.”

It had shag carpet! Original brass light fixtures! Everything was original from the 1950s and Heather & Jared loved it all. It needs work and maintenance due to the age, but none of that was worrisome to them. They started to dream about how they could clean it up and start a family. Sitting across from the splash pad at Max Patterson park in Gladstone, this home is ideal for young families.

Heather and Jared are over the moon to get their hands dirty and turn this old Grandma House into a gem.

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