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Let’s talk about a Win-Win!

By Tracey Henkels, March 22, 2019


Ashlee and Thomas were basically my perfect clients. Practical and pragmatic, they were level headed,  listened to my advice. Let me tell you, having clients with such a great attitude was an absolute delight for me!

9951 SW Lancaster Rd, Portland, OR 97219 9951 SW Lancaster Rd, Portland, OR 97219 9951 SW Lancaster Rd, Portland, OR 97219

Ashlee and Thomas were ready to move in together and needed a little more elbow room than she had in her previous 600 sq/ft bachelorette pad. They knew they wanted a quiet home in a sweet neighborhood in a great school district. We looked at a lot of gems but none of them spoke to Ashlee more than this delightful home on Lancaster. With plenty of green space surrounding and a view of the woods, they knew it was the one. Ashlee would have room for her kitties and Thomas had a great space to paint.

This transaction was a great example of both sides working together so that everything could come together seamlessly.


Tracey Henkels

Earth Advantage Principal Broker

Tracey Henkels attributes her disciplined nature and relentless work ethic and to a childhood spent rising and retiring by the light of the sun, on her family’s apple orchard in Iowa. Gratefully, that Midwestern mentality has served her well over the years, and Tracey continues to deliver excellent customer service, superior technical skill, and a wide array of industry knowledge both directly and on behalf of her clients. While Tracey wouldn’t trade her career as a Real Estate broker for any other, her first love was actually Architecture, a craft she studied at Iowa State University during her undergraduate years. After receiving her degree, Tracey worked as an Architect for over 6 years before deciding she wanted to forge a new professional path. In 2004, Tracey jumped heart-first into the world of buying and selling houses, and is proud to say, she’s never looked back.   When you meet Tracey, one of the first things you notice is her positive energy, and zest for life. One of her favorite things about being a broker is the ability to help people make powerful transitions in their lives. Tracey’s natural patience, unwavering professionalism, and optimistic attitude make her a both a compassionate broker, and tough negotiator. Tracey is committed to serving others, being involved in her community, and giving back. When she isn’t working hard to best serve her clients, you might find her tending to her garden, growing fresh vegetables, exotic plants, and beautiful flowers, apprenticing a professional woodworker making fine furniture, or planning her next exciting adventure with her wife, Bernadette. Contact Tracey at or 503-715-6140
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