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New Beginnings after the Wildfire

By Kim Parmon, September 29, 2020

Nancy and Terry recently lost their home in the California wildfires.  I can’t imagine going through what they went through!  In putting the pieces of their life back together they made a decision: they were going to move to the Portland area to be closer to their daughter.  When they reached out to me, we discussed what they were looking for.  They wanted a one level home on a nice piece of property.  They didn’t want to feel like they were in the middle of the city.  We all decided that Milwaukie sounded like a great fit for them and got to work looking at houses.

A couple of weeks into our search, the unthinkable happened: Milwaukie was under Level 1 orders to evacuate due to the Riverside Fire.  Smoke filled the air all around us.  And yet, somehow, the perfect home came on the market despite the circumstances.  It was spacious, comfortable, and on the big piece of property that Nancy and Terry wanted.  Best of all, it was within budget!  I donned multiple masks to protect myself from the smoke and we toured the home.  Nancy and Terry were immediately love and wrote an offer!  The seller, who had built the home custom and was the original owner, connected with their story and accepted.  We were all over the moon!

I am so pleased to have been able to help Nancy and Terry find a new home after such a terrible experience.  I wish them many years of happiness in Milwaukie!

Kim Parmon

Principal Broker

Oregon is the fifth state that Kim has called home in her life and this one is sticking!  She loves waking up every day in this beautiful place and looking out at the treetop view of her 1977 wood paneled contemporary with its 360-degree fireplace.  As a kid, Kim spent her free time wandering through open houses and exploring construction sites for the fun of it so it's no surprise that quirky architecture and unique spaces are a draw for her.  Formerly in the entertainment industry, Kim stumbled into real estate as a profession through the purchase of her first bungalow in Pasadena, CA.  After renovating it with her husband and selling it for enough of a profit to pay off their debt as well as buy a new house to live in, a new passion was born.  This passion eventually led her to put down roots in Portland in 2015 and grow her referrals-based business in her new hometown.  Kim excels at seeing the potential in a space and gets excited about maximizing both the functionality and beauty of a home. Kim understands that real estate is a service and the experience she gives her clients is first rate.  She works hard to anticipate needs.  She is responsive, thorough, and empathic.  Her successful approach to negotiation is based on psychology and being adaptive to each situation she is in.  Her ethics and reputation are cornerstones of her business and the happiness of her clients is the yardstick that she measures success against. In her free time, you'll find Kim enjoying lazy evenings by the fire with her husband, daughter, and grumpy old rescue dogs.  She loves yoga, dancing, exploring all of the beautiful places around us in the PNW, enjoying a cider and a good meal with friends, and browsing Powell's for a great new book.
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