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There‘s No Place Like Home… Except Grandma‘s

By Tracey Henkels, December 13, 2019

Congratulations to Robin!

As you may know, My business is nearly 100% referral based and this year has been full of wonderful referrals. And Robin was no exception!

I met Robin through her daughter, Joanna. I helped Joanna and her husband buy a wonderful home a couple of years ago to start a family. Fast forward to today, Joanna (and her husband Brendan) had their first child, Robin is a proud Grandma and she spends a lot of time with her Grandson. Another Grandchild is on the way any day now so Robin will help Joanna, even more, when the new baby arrives. It makes sense for Robin to live closer to Joanna and the family. She was looking for a nice, low maintenance home with as few stairs as possible and enough room for the kids to play.

Of course, one of the first things we suggest to Robin is to speak with a skilled lender and here’s my favorite part of this story- I referred Robin to one of our rock star preferred lenders,  JJ Lee Kwai. It turns out JJ had originally referred me to Joanna as they knew each other growing up in Humbolt County. JJ was friends with Robin’s family as a teen in Northern California. In those days, Robin and JJ’s mom had been walking buddies. What a small world!

Jasmine and I worked closely with Robin to find the perfect home in the best location. We looked at many houses and after touring this one, she knew it was right! We loved working with her and excited for her cute new house!

Tracey Henkels

Earth Advantage Principal Broker

Tracey Henkels attributes her disciplined nature and relentless work ethic and to a childhood spent rising and retiring by the light of the sun, on her family’s apple orchard in Iowa. Gratefully, that Midwestern mentality has served her well over the years, and Tracey continues to deliver excellent customer service, superior technical skill, and a wide array of industry knowledge both directly and on behalf of her clients. While Tracey wouldn’t trade her career as a Real Estate broker for any other, her first love was actually Architecture, a craft she studied at Iowa State University during her undergraduate years. After receiving her degree, Tracey worked as an Architect for over 6 years before deciding she wanted to forge a new professional path. In 2004, Tracey jumped heart-first into the world of buying and selling houses, and is proud to say, she’s never looked back.   When you meet Tracey, one of the first things you notice is her positive energy, and zest for life. One of her favorite things about being a broker is the ability to help people make powerful transitions in their lives. Tracey’s natural patience, unwavering professionalism, and optimistic attitude make her a both a compassionate broker, and tough negotiator. Tracey is committed to serving others, being involved in her community, and giving back. When she isn’t working hard to best serve her clients, you might find her tending to her garden, growing fresh vegetables, exotic plants, and beautiful flowers, apprenticing a professional woodworker making fine furniture, or planning her next exciting adventure with her wife, Bernadette. Contact Tracey at or 503-715-6140
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