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Thunder Egg

By Kris Vogt, February 14, 2020

No, it’s not the name of Portland’s trendiest new brunch spot, the Thunder Egg is Oregon’s state rock!

A thunder egg is a rock similar to a geode, that is formed within rhyolitic volcanic ash layers. They are spherical in shape and can range in size from a centimeter to over a meter across! They can contain a myriad of crystals inside, including chalcedony, agate, jasper, opal, quartz, and gypsum.

Thunder eggs were formed thousands of years ago in rhyolite lava flows, when tuffs within the gas or steam pockets served as molds within the lava. Typically, the cavity was filled with silica-rich fluids that later solidified and crystallized. Mineral impurities collected in bands, creating the concentric colorful rings you see in thunder eggs today.

Thunder eggs are found in regions of Central and Easter Oregon. To get a thunder egg here in Portland, check out Ed’s House of Gems in the Roseway neighborhood.

Kris Vogt



Kris Vogt has got her finger on Portland’s pulse. Born and raised in the city, she’s lived all over town, and currently resides in the Division/Clinton neighborhood. Her favorite aspects of the local scene range from the great outdoors to the boundless culinary and entertainment opportunities. Whether you are new in town or a current resident yourself, Kris’s love for her hometown is infectious. Prior to real estate, Kris worked in the entertainment industry in LA as a stylist. Upon her return to PDX she worked as a producer in some of the top creative agencies in the city. Kris and her husband rehabbed a few homes, and in bringing her own flair to the process, she decided to combine her passion and love of community into a real estate career.  Kris works  with investors, buyers and sellers here in Portland and wants to hear what others love about Portland and help them find their happy place.
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