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Why buy alone?

By Living Room Realty, March 4, 2020

It usually starts online. Hours of searching. Looking at really well done pictures that make the smallest homes seem like palaces. With each swipe you fall deeper in love with the open concepts, the well lit spaces and the perfectly manicured yards. The price is ideal. Some how you found the diamond in the rough! All that online searching paid off. Or so you thought. You stop by for the open house and find the open floorpan removed a wall where the refrigerator once sat.  Now it’s been moved to the back porch. The yard is great but The fence is severely damaged and the neighbors yard looks like a junk yard. The price is well under your budget but the ceiling height in that basement and attic are to low to qualify for a livable spaces. Now the diamond in the rough just seems rough.

Imagine doing all of this from 100’s or even 1000’s of miles away.  All this time searching, money for plane tickets, time off of work and the efforts taken to find the right one. Now imagine having a partner that you absolutely trust out there for you. Searching on your behalf. Looking for all those angles and secrets those great photos seemed to overlook. Now imagine this person knows what you like, They know what your kids like, What your dog likes! When they’re out there looking on your behalf not only are they looking at the house but they’re looking at the dog parks, The play ground and skate parks, They’re looking at the community centers, restaurants and grocery stores. They make videos walk throughs to share with you and your partner. When you think you found the one They bring in the contractor and figuring out exactly what it will take to update, fix or consider. Now when you book that flight and come into town to see your home for the first time you have nothing but excitement to see what you have found. Truly that diamond you’ve been searching for.

This is just one of the things you should expect when working with a great REALTOR®. A person working tirelessly to make sure they find the absolute perfect home for you. They know your needs and your wants, They understand your business and life. At the end of it all the most important and valuable thing they receive from you is a positive review and a recommendation to your friends and family. As REALTORS® this is what we work for. This is why I pride myself in connecting with folks,  Providing detailed walk throughs and the info you need to make the best decisions for you and your family. This is why I started producing a series of videos that highlight Portland neighborhoods so you can really get to know the areas of the city that best fits your needs and lifestyle. You can check those videos and many more out here.

If you are starting your home search get started with someone you can connect with, Someone you trust. It truly makes a very stressful situation a positive situation. Happy House Hunting!!

Living Room Realty

Living Room Realty is a full-service real estate brokerage with four offices in Portland, one at the coast in Manzanita, and one in Vancouver, WA. At Living Room Realty, we listen and ask the right questions. We’re committed to being your most effective advisor and advocate. Our goal is your success.
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