Blog Education Not Wishing to Follow in Van Gogh's Footsteps.....

Not Wishing to Follow in Van Gogh’s Footsteps…..

By Living Room Realty, September 19, 2019

You might have heard that many of Van Gogh’s paintings are fading. The artists famous Sunflower paintings, which contain petals and stems, once vibrant and ‘yellow’, look as if they are literally withering to an olive-brown color as a result of his use of a light-sensitive yellow paint. Many of his contemporaries used several pigments that discolored over time; blue’s, red’s and yellow’s are all primary colors that like to fade back then. But guess what? Those colors still like to fade because they are cadmium based.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to buy HIGHER quality paint if you plan on painting your house yellow, red, or shades of blue. Most often color fading is due to the quality of the paint in regards to color retention. When the paint is of low quality, the upper layers of the paint quickly begin to peel off. The paint coating chalks off, and the color fades out. Color fading happens with excessive exposure to sunlight as well. The UV radiation is harsh to the pigmentation of the paint especially bright blue, yellow and red. If you decide on this palette of colors, as we are doing with our current project, its best to spend the bucks and look into a brand like Benjamin Moore’s Aura. Yes, it costs way more them something at Miller Paints or Sherwin Williams, but it’s worth it. You won’t come home to a chalky looking paint job after a few years.

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