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Worth the Wait in St. John’s!

By Olivia Rush, June 1, 2021

What a way to begin Memorial Day Weekend. Congratulations to Miles and Casey – it was well worth the wait!

I first met Casey and Miles nine-ish years ago. My housemate and I put an add on Craigslist for someone to fill our 3rd bedroom, and the universe brought us Casey! She had just graduated from U of O and was moving up to the Big City. She and Miles had already been together a few years, so I got to know him during this time, too.

After moving out of that house, we lost touch for a while, until about three years ago. As it often goes in tiny Portland, Casey, Miles and I were reconnected by mutual friend groups we didn’t know we shared. We caught up at a party and they let me know they’d be in touch once they were ready to make the leap into home ownership.

I finally heard from them last summer, and we shifted into full search mode. They were open to different neighborhoods in East side Portland, but their ideal location was St. John’s, where Miles teaches 5th grade at a bilingual school. Also high on their list was the cute factor and a space for Miles’ drum set.

Casey and Miles were dream clients for a few reasons. 1) I already had a relationship with them. 2) The sarcastic and witty banter to accompany our home search in a Seller’s market was top notch.  And 3) they knew what they wanted – and maybe even more importantly, what they didn’t want. They were highly selective in the houses we went to see, often knowing before we even visited that they’d be making an offer.

The first few offers didn’t stick, and the third rejection was an absolute heartbreak. Casey and Miles decided to hunker down, lick their wounds, and wait out the winter until there was more inventory. They took several months off, all the while watching the market from afar but not seeing anything special. Not until the Mohawk house.

We saw it the day it was listed and actually ran into the Sellers as they were tidying up! We awkwardly tried to simultaneously show appreciation to them and conceal our giddiness as we explored the home and property. We drove around the block, just out of ear shot, got out of our cars, and starting planning the offer right then and there.

Miles and Casey were ready to go all in on this one – heartbreak was not an option. We crafted a lovely offer with stellar terms, and the Sellers selected our offer over 11 others (including a few that were higher in price)! Giving Miles and Casey the good news was one of my favorite phone calls I’ve ever had the pleasure to make.

We negotiated a credit and cleared the appraisal fairly quickly. Thanks to their wonderful, communicative lender, they closed in 24 days! We wrote the chicken coop and 4 chickens into the offer as personal property, and when we met on Friday to exchange keys, there were 3 fresh eggs waiting for Casey and Miles. I am so proud of these two for sticking with it. Cheers Casey and Miles!

Olivia Rush

Broker | OR & WA


As your trusted guide through the buying or selling process, you can expect me to customize my services to your specific goals and preferences, much like I did for my students during my ten years as an educator. My clients’ goals vary. A couple retiring to the Big City after 30 years on 22 acres. A woman purchasing her first home independently. A couple upsizing to support a growing family. Two friends pooling their resources to make their first investment possible. A couple navigating a divorce and the sale of their home. A refugee family with limited English setting down roots in this country. Deaf investors looking to maximize profit on their flip.  A couple selling the home of their daughter who has lost her battle to cancer. A family relocating from across the country and buying sight-unseen.  These situations all require unique, dynamic, and holistic approaches. Everyone has different needs, and it is my top priority to meet my clients where they are. For me, real estate is not transactional. It is deeply personal and inevitably life-changing. While each client requires a tailored strategy, my work ethic is unwavering. With me you can always expect organization, tenacity, responsiveness, dedication, and hustle. A gatherer of resources, a communicator of all options and possible outcomes. As your advocate, I will be brutally honest so you know what to expect. A skilled negotiator, I’ll consider every angle with your dreams and goals in mind. My clients often end up feeling like family. I am honored they trust me enough to return to me as their needs change and refer me to their friends, family, and communities. What are your real estate goals and dreams? Call or text me so we can meet to discuss your vision.  
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