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Do You Think This Bathroom Adds Value To A Home?

By Tracy Dau, January 14, 2020

Choosing a sleek bathroom design can be stressful and exciting at the same time so having a bathroom renovation company at your side to help you ensure that your ideas will take in to action. An Australian company Shane Rolfe Plumbing highly recommends to get a licensed renovator to get the job done.

These girls and their parents have been sharing one bathroom. And because that bathroom was in the sweetest house in the village, and because it was part of the family flow – this worked. In quarantine, with two teaching-from-home teachers, elbow room was harder to come by.  This fast tracked the idea of a move.

We were able to snag an off-market opportunity, just a mile and half away. When Mike and Melissa brought the girls over for the first time: it was pure joy.  The squeals! Their own bedrooms! 3 bathrooms!  A gymnastics area!

The best reminder of why I do my job. <3

Funny.  The listing agent of this home listed this house as a two bedroom two bath.  This is the second bathroom.  The lights don’t work, nor does the plumbing to the shower, but the toilet can be flushed.  I told my buyers that purchased this house that I didn’t think an appraiser would give this bathroom any value and that because of that, the house might not appraise.  I had to eat my words.  An appraiser attributed value to this bathroom.  WTF.  If your thinking of painting your bathroom walls for re-sale, it might not matter in this market.

I have completed many professional bathroom renovations Vancouver projects that include the following:

  • Complete bathroom remodels and renovations
  • Tub, shower and toilet upgrading and installation
  • Flooring, including heated tiles
  • Plumbing and electrical
  • Cabinetry, vanity and countertops
  • Commercial and residential
  • Bathroom Design



Tracy Dau

Broker | Earth Advantage | OR


When you meet Tracy Dau, it doesn’t take long to realize where her true passions lie.  She loves houses and loves matching her clients with the place that’s perfect for them.  Ask her clients and they’ll tell you she’s a whirlwind of energy, a juggler of projects, a creative force, a good listener and a tireless advocate.  She comes to the job with a vision for what’s possible and the background to make that happen. Maybe it’s because she grew up in the breathtaking town of Juneau Alaska, where it rains 250 days a year.  It’s the kind of place where you either give into gloomy weather or dig deep and find the will to preserve. Maybe it’s because her folks instilled in her the drive to succeed. For the past sixteen years she has gutted and restored many houses, using any opportunity to work with her hands. Blending her formal training as a fine artist and designer with her experience as a builder, these old-house remodels have become her creative canvas. Her time as a product developer and architectural consultant at Rejuvenation House Parts introduced her to a community of like-minded folks who encouraged her to become a REALTOR®. She is drawn to vintage homes. The artist in her is drawn to their detail, the builder in her to their craftsmanship. Their charm and imperfections make them all the more fascinating and soulful. That’s what drew her to her first home. Stripped of all her painted-lady features, she sat sadly on a corner lot in SE Portland waiting to be loved and cared for. She had a yard full of shopping carts, a tree that had grown through her facade, motor-oil soaked mattresses and a basement full of the neighbor’s missing car parts, and yet, in spite of this her husband Nate and Tracy bought and fixed her up. This renovation lead to the next house-love-affair, followed by another and another. It only made sense to apply this knowledge and the valuable lessons learned along the way to help others looking to buy or improve their own homes. Which brings me to why she became a REALTOR®. Tracy chose this job because she is passionate about houses and loves the chance to develop relationships with her clients. When you choose to work with Tracy, she will advocate for your best interests, guide you through the home buying process and protect you from the stressful moments as they inevitably arise. She will advise you every step of the way to enable you to make good decisions, stay centered and reach your goals. Even after your  transaction has come to an end, Tracy is still available to answer your questions and help with your home projects. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and being outdoors. Her hobbies include teaching her children, Lander and Olivia, about nature, hunting for sea creatures, spotting birds, drinking bourbon in the winter and gin in the summer, eating chocolate and traveling to warm destinations.
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