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Where to see Christmas Lights in Portland, OR

By Living Room Realty, December 2, 2020

Whether you started humming Christmas tunes well before Thanksgiving. or are having trouble getting in the mood with how difficult and different this holiday season is, here’s a few places to check out safely from your car to experience the pure magic of thousands of twinkly lights illuminating the dark night.

Winter Wonderland at the Portland International Raceway
opens 11/27/20 and is a fundraiser for Sunshine Division, which provides food and clothing to Portland families in need.

ZooLights Drive-Thru Experience at the Oregon Zoo
Holiday display opens 11/22 and will run until 1/10/21, but will be closed on Christmas Day.

Pioneer Courthouse Square
It’s up now! Check it out.

Main street in Tigard “Light the Night” events all week long.

• Peacock Lane is closed this year (booo)

While we’re on the topic, how about going all out this year, and lighting up your street!!

I highly recommend adding a few strands of the LED sparkle to your own abode. There are dozens of companies who’ve popped working as light installers. I say splurge a little, lift your spirits, and let someone else climb the tall ladder!


Have you ever tried Task Rabbit? They have all kinds of helpers you can schedule and pay through the app. Look under “Decoration Help”,  I’ll even get you started with your first ten bucks off!

Save $10 on Task Rabbit

If I missed any places to see lights, or any of your neighbors have gone overboard, I need to know about it! email me.

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